10 Creepy Underrated Disney Plus Movies and TV Shows You Shouldn’t Sleep On This Halloween

The Halloween treats to stream are endless Disney Plus this spooky season. After all, Disney may be known for its sweet fairy tales, but the reality is that the studio has been scaring and frightening children for 90 years – there’s a clear cosmic reason why Walt Disney founded his company in October. The Mouse House’s penchant for a good scary movie has continued through the decades, resulting in D+ subscribers watching numerous seasonal favorites year after year.

But just like Jack Skellington ties, maybe you’re looking for something new to scare you this Halloween. Luckily, Disney Plus’ dungeons are home to numerous gnarly gems that unfortunately don’t get the attention they deserve, be they forgotten or overlooked classics from Disney’s bygone eras or streaming releases that may have slipped your mind. Now it’s time to fix this.

Goose flesh (2023)

Considering this reboot of RL Stine’s immortal brand of tween horror is brand new, it might be too early to call it underrated, but considering Disney Plus is becoming increasingly reckless with its streaming originals just months after their debut sorted out, it can… It can’t hurt to encourage you to give something new Goose flesh An attempt to make sure it doesn’t turn out that way pasture until next spring. For those who thought those Jack Black movies were too ridiculous but loved the ones on Netflix Fear Streetthis series should really hit the scary spot.

The Muppets’ Haunted House

2003s The haunted house has never been so great and 2023 Haunted house (Note the loss of the definite article) unfortunately passed by as unnoticed as an invisible ghost. But don’t despair, HM Fans, since Disney made a third adaptation of the theme park ride between these two films, you might be itching to see that one instead. The Muppets’ Haunted House does exactly what the name suggests, casting all your favorite Muppets and a few celebrities (like Will Arnett, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Darren Criss) as the disembodied residents of the haunted house. Yes, Muppet ghosts aren’t just for Christmas.

Growing fangs

If you’ve never seen anything from Disney Launchpad Anthology, a series of short films from emerging filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds, do yourself a favor and fix this ASAP. A good place to start is with Growing fangs, a 20-minute supernatural short in which a Mexican-American teenager, who happens to be a vampire attending a school for monsters, has to talk about herself when her human friend comes to visit. It’s honestly a strong enough concept to support an entire feature. Come on, Bob!

What if…? “Zombies…?!”

Marvel fans looking for a Halloween hit this October will likely turn to Werewolf at night (either the black and white or the colorized version) to satisfy their bloodlust. Or maybe the Halloween episode of WandaVision also at the push of a button. But don’t overlook the other perfect piece of spooky MCU entertainment – What if…is the wonderfully bloody zombie apocalypse episode. Remember, a Marvel Zombies The spinoff series is still in development on Disney Plus (it’s just taking a while), so this episode should prove essential to the future of the franchise.

Mom has a date with a vampire

Look for another ’90s DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) to watch after completing your annual binge Halloween town Movies (leaving out the original Marnie movie, of course). Then try this copy out. In Mom has a date with a vampireIn a lesser-known entry in the DCOM work, two children must save their mother – Aunt Hilda Sabrina, the teenage witch – when they accidentally paired her with a Dracula guy played by Mr. Sheffield The nanny. From what it sounds like, it’s 90 minutes of pure 90s nostalgia.

Gravity falls: “Summerween”

All Gravity falls For a spooky seasonal treat, it’s just right, but if you want a quick trip back to the titular Oregon town, go for “Summerween,” the series’ semi-Halloween special. It takes place on the eponymous Summerween holiday – the residents of Gravity Falls love Halloween so much that they celebrate it twice a year! – In this truly spooky episode, Dipper and Mabel face the Summerween Trickster, a child-eating ghoul who could give the Slenderman a run for his money.


Has the world collectively decided never to mention it? Disillusioned ever again when it came out in November 2022 and I missed the memo? Sorry if I’m breaking some unwritten rule here, but call me crazy, I kind of enjoyed 2007’s long-awaited sequel Enchanted, even if it’s obviously not a patch of the original. In contrast, with its serious witchy energy, it’s certainly a perfect sequel to the Disney Plus original to watch this spooky season Hocus Pocus 2that can die in a ditch.

Return to Oz

The mind is forever baffled by the gonzo decision-making that went into the creation of Return to Oz. Over 45 years after the popular 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz, Disney has inked a special deal with MGM to produce a spiritual sequel to the Judy Garland classic. Given that the original is one of the most Disney-like non-Disney films ever made, the world assumed we were in for even more all-singing, all-dancing magic. Instead, the Mouse House decided to return to Oz via a stopover in David Lynch’s most dizzying daydreams – one in which the heroes are just as frightening to watch as the villains and Dorothy is locked up in a mental asylum by Aunt Em. You really have to see it to believe it.

The simpsons: “Halloween of horror”

If you are a Simpsons Fan, you’ll no doubt celebrate the spooky season with a generous helping of classics Treehouse of Terror But while you’re at it, be sure to check out this completely underrated installment of Season 27. In addition to the traditional ToH Special, this year also featured this adorable regular episode where Homer has to stay home while Marge and Bart go trick-or-treating because Lisa is afraid of the spooky surroundings. It’s one of the more effective episodes of recent seasons, as it’s pretty much the first in 30 years to remember that Lisa is only eight years old.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

If you’re like me, you once saw this bizarre package of two diametrically opposed short films as a child and then quickly dismissed it as some sort of candy-induced Halloween fever dream. While Wind in the willow Half of this two-pronged feature is largely what you expect Sleepy Hollow The segment is pure nightmare fuel and, strangely, a much darker and more faithful adaptation of Washington Irving’s story than Tim Burton’s film. Give it a try for the morbid curiosity, although it’s best to send the little ones to bed after Mr. Toad leaves the building.

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