10 of the healthiest anime TV shows

Not all Anime It’s about violence and duels. Sometimes an anime series can be the perfect soul food for the soul. They can be full of healing stories and emotional moments that viewers can easily relate to. Often these animes focus on the importance of friends and family. Sometimes these series are escapist fantasies that allow the viewer to take a break from the world. This can be the case with anime aimed at young children, but anime aimed at older audiences can still be healing and calming.

That doesn’t mean an anime doesn’t have dark or gloomy moments. In fact, some of the most healing anime can even use a dark or tragic event as the opening event. However, in these anime series, the sadder moments are used to find something meaningful.


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10 Hamtaro

TMS entertainment

Hamtaro revolves around the secret lives of hamsters while their owners go out during the day. Hamtaro and his friend Oxnard are just a secret clubhouse of hamsters, or ham-hams, run by the grumpy boss, meeting all kinds of unique hamsters and having all kinds of adventures. Often the hamsters have to work behind the scenes to help the people in their lives.

Early episodes are relatively mundane, albeit from the perspective of an anthropomorphic hamster. Supernatural elements are added in later episodes as the Ham-Hams meet hamsters from a magical candy land, Sweet Paradise, including the magical hamsters Lapis and Lazuli. There are also many dream episodes where Laura can adventure with Hamtaro, from a war of stars Parody of the re-enactment of fairytale adventures.

9 Powerpuff Girls Z

Powerpuff Girls z
Cartoon Network Japan

The Powerpuff Girls was quite popular in Japan that it got its own anime spin-off: Powerpuff Girls Z. This time the girls are not sisters, but three classmates and friends. Likewise, the three heroines weren’t made out of sugar, spices, and all things pretty, but were regular girls who got powers after being exposed to Chemical Z. They can transform back and forth from their civilian form to their superhero form, similar to the magic girl anime as in Sailor Moon. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones exposed to the chemical, and not everyone is as heroic. Fortunately, the girls not only have Professor Utonium by their side, but also his brilliant son Ken and a robotic dog Peach to help them.

The series is notable for being much more light-hearted than its American counterpart. First of all, the girls fight with super-powered toys rather than melee combat.

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8th How to keep a mummy

How to keep a mummy
Eight bits

How to keep a mummy When reading the title for the first time, it may seem like a horror anime, but appearances can be deceiving. Sora Kashiwagi is sent a living mummy by his adventurer father. Luckily, this mummy he calls “Mii-kun” is friendly and small enough to fit right in his hand.

Sora isn’t the only one who has a cute monster friend. Among others, a dragon, a Baku, and even a baby Oni join the cast and are adopted by Sora’s friends and classmates. How to keep a mummy can be gloomy at times but helps welcome new friends and responsibilities in life.

7 Rilu Rilu Fairilu

Rilu Rilu Fairilu

Rilu Rilu Fairilu comes from Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty. In Little Fairilu, fairies are born They represent all aspects of nature, from flowers to weather. The anime revolves around a flower fairy, Lip, and her friends who begin their training as fairies. Along the way, they will visit the human world and even take human form. This allows the fairies to team up with humans to help them achieve their dreams. Eventually, with a little magic, even her human friends can take human form and visit Little Fairilu as well.

In the third season, the series revolved around a human girl, Alice Hanazono. Alice can visit the fairies whenever she likes and transform between a human and fairy form to evoke memories Alice in Wonderland.

6 ultra maniac

ultra maniac
Ashi productions

The anime adaptation of ultra maniac is a reminiscence of the anime genre “Majokko” or “Little Witch”. Ayu Tateishi is a young school girl who befriends a classmate, Nina Sakura, a witch from a magical dimension. In addition, Nina takes part in a competition with other magical girls to see who will marry the prince of her world.

However, Nina is not the most accomplished sorceress, and her magic often causes mishaps in Ayu and Nina. To make matters worse, another candidate for the hand of the prince, Nina’s friend and rival, is also causing trouble for the girls. To make matters worse, the prince himself is manipulating things so that the girl he thinks is his true love wins. In the end, however, friendship prevails when Nina realizes that her new life on earth could be her true happiness.

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5 Atashin’chi

The mother, Mikan and Yuzuhiko at dinner
TV Asahi

Atashin’chi is a slice-of-life anime series revolving around the four members of the Tachibana family. They include the unnamed mother and father, as well as their two children, Mikan and Yuzuhiko. Due to the simplification of the premise, the episodes revolve around all sorts of everyday activities. The mother acts as a kind of mascot and many episodes are about her having adventures with her friends or family, such as going to a fancy restaurant or planning a hike.

A number of episodes are about the antics of the children, mostly school antics. The stories range from things like Mikan trying to finish his vacation list to Yuzuhiko preparing a midnight snack. Atashin’chi is a series who knows how to use even the most banal of events.

4 A place further than the universe

A Place Farther Than The Universe (2018)

A place further than the universe begins with Mari Tamaki, also known as Kimari, who wants to do something new in her life. Kimaari gets her chance when she learns that her classmate Shirase Kobuchizawa is trying to travel to Antarctica to find her missing mother. Kimari and Shirase soon join forces with two other girls, Hinata and Yuzuki, to make this plan a reality.

As the story of what happened to Shirase’s mother begins to unravel, A place further than the universe doesn’t necessarily promise a happy ending, but is a series that focuses on the importance of closure and the power of friendship. The anime also promotes the idea that a journey is more important than a destination. Additionally, A place further than the universe is also known for its animated landscapes that incorporate real-world locations such as Antarctica and Singapore into the animation.

3 Ojamajo Doremi

Ojamajo Doremi

Ojamajo Doremi The film begins with Doremi, a classic shojo heroine who is always bemoaning how miserable her life is. However, one day Doremi learns that a local shopkeeper is a real witch. Now that her secret has been revealed, the witch Majo Rika is cursed to become a frog-like creature. The only way to undo the spell is for Doremi to do it Become an apprentice witch, starting a magical new life for the girl. Soon Doremi’s friends and her younger sister also become apprentice witches, and later a few other “majos” join the group, including friends from both the human and witch worlds.

Ojamajo Doremi doesn’t shy away from dark moments when characters lose loved ones or find themselves in dire straits, but support often comes quickly. Ojamajo Doremi has also had a few spin-offs over the years, such as Ojamajo Doremi 16 Light novels and the Ojamajo Doremi: Comedy Theater Anniversary mesh animation.

2 Barakamon

Handa is surprised by the gang.

Barakamon tells the story of calligraphy prodigy Seishu Handa. When Seishu is criticized for following the rules too closely in his work, he attacks the critic. As a result, Seishu is sent to a retreat on the island. Soon, however, Seishu’s retreat is interrupted by the taking in of residents who want to get involved with his life. One such islander who comes into his life in particular is the tomboyish Naru Kotoishi, a little girl who lives with her grandfather and visits Seishu’s house daily and wants to play with him.

Ultimately, Barakamon Is a slice of life series that takes advantage of its relaxing atmosphere. Barakamon also has a prequel spin-off, Handa-kunthis takes on a more comedic tone.

1 Gakuen babysitter

Gakuen babysitter
brain base

Gakuen babysitter admittedly got off to a rough start. Teenage Ryūichi and his little brother Kotarou lose their parents in a plane crash and are taken in by the strict yōko Morinomiya, who has also lost her family and also serves as the school’s principal. However, in return, Ryūichi is assigned to work in the school’s daycare program that Kotarou attends. Soon, other characters are also helping Ryūichi at the Babysitters Club.

Gakuen babysitter is a snippets from the life of the series that tells stories not only about Kotarou and the other kids at the daycare, but also about their relationships with the people in their lives. Even characters who seem tough eventually show their softer side. The relationship between the brothers, particularly how Kotarou idolizes Ryūichi, shows that this is a series filled with love.

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