10 Questions to Ask Your Car Insurance Agent

Car insurance is a must-have in almost every US state. But buying an insurance policy is not always easy. Whether you already own a policy or want to get one, you would look for the cheapest auto insurance from a reliable insurer. 

How can you find vehicle insurance that gives the best value for money? Talking to an expert like the insurance agent would be a good start. However, what you ask can determine how much you will know about the policy. It’s imperative to pose (the right) questions to gather information and understand the finer aspects of auto insurance.  

Important Questions to Ask the Car Insurance Agent 

  1. Which Coverage is Suitable for me? 

Auto insurance is tricky. There are different types of coverage options and add-ons with different criteria. For example, liability coverage is a must. Each state has a minimum amount determined for liability coverage. 

Then there is collision coverage, personal injury protection, comprehensive coverage, rental car insurance, and uninsured and underinsured motorist protection. The best coverage for you depends on your specifications. 

  1. What is Deductible? 

Do you want to pay money from your pocket in case of accidents or collisions? How does the deductible affect the premium amount? Deductibles can sometimes be more affordable and easier to manage. After all, you pay for the expenses only if you are in an accident. Talk to the agent about how the insurance company calculates the premium and deductible.  

  1. Can Others Drive my Vehicle? 

Generally speaking, the insurance will protect you and other family members who drive the car. However, don’t take this for granted. Each insurance company has its own T&C. Ask the agent to be highly specific about who can and cannot drive your vehicle (to be eligible to file a claim). 

  1. Why is the Premium Amount High?

This is a question you will have to ask. Who doesn’t want low-cost insurance, right? However, don’t always focus on cheap auto insurance. It may come at a higher cost when the policy doesn’t provide much coverage. In this case, you will end up paying a premium for minimum benefits. 

Don’t forget to ask about the payment options available. Does the insurer accept monthly payments? Can you pay the premium amount at once? What payment methods are offered? Remember that the insurance agent will not collect cash or check in their name. You should pay the insurance company. 

  1. How to Get Discounts on Insurance Premiums? 

Every insurer has a list of discounts to provide to customers who ask for it (and are eligible). Get the list from the agent and analyze it thoroughly. Highlight the possible discounts you can get and ask the agent to follow up on those. Safe driver discount depending on your driving record. The insurance agent cannot help if your record is not satisfactory. 

  1. What is the Process of Evaluating/ Valuing the Car? 

The process changes from one insurer to another and depends on different factors. Broadly speaking, the premium amount is proportional to the car’s value. A car with a higher value will have a higher premium. Determine if you can manage the insurance payments before buying an expensive car. 

  1. How long does Claim Processing take? 

This is yet another factor that depends on the insurance company. Some insurers offer 24-hour claim service where you can file a claim any day and time. They process the claims faster too. But that’s not always the case. Ask the agent about the average processing time and things you need to consider when filing a claim. 

  1. What is Not Covered by the Car Insurance Policy?

Don’t ignore this question. Ask the agent to be very specific about what will NOT be covered in the policy. Also, ask which policy they recommend for your vehicle. 

  1. What Additional Services/ Benefits Does the Insurance Company Offer?

Do you want add-ons for your auto insurance? For example, you might need benefits like towing support, roadside assistance, etc. But these can increase your premium amount. Find out the benefits they offer and how you can add them to your policy. 

  1. What is the Process to Repair my Car after an Accident? 

Most insurers don’t pay for identical part replacement during car repairs. They prefer aftermarket parts as these are less expensive than the ones provided directly by the manufacturer. In order to get the insurance company to pay for the repair, you’ll have to follow their rules. 


A trustworthy and experienced insurance agent will be straightforward. Take time to meet a couple or more insurance agents and compare quotes before making a decision. You can get the best Cheap Nevada Car & Auto Insurance Quotes from independent insurance agents (agencies). They will help you pick the most suitable policy based on the car’s specifications and your budget. 

Huynh Nguyen

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