10 underrated moms who deserve recognition

From tortured interns to world-renowned senior physicians, Grey’s anatomy follows the professional and social lives of several characters. Aside from the obvious medical aspect of the show, there’s drama, successful relationships, heartache and many unique situations. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the medical drama and thankfully the series doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. With all the couples, patients, and hospital staff, it often feels like there are so many characters that it’s difficult to categorize them all.

One group that stands out, though individuals are often overshadowed by the craziness around them, are the returning moms. Sure, some of the main characters have kids who shuttle them back and forth between home and the operating table, but there are a dozen or so underrated mothers whose stories need to be exposed. Check out 10 underrated moms Grey’s anatomy who deserve more credit than they originally received in the series.


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10 Louise “Mama” O’Malley

Louise O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy

Louise O’Malley is as cute as it gets. There’s no doubt that she loved her “Georgie Boy,” even as their affection grew overwhelming. Unlike her husband, Mama O’Malley had no problem hinting and not quite as subtly asking George if he was romantically involved with his roommates or co-workers. After he and Callie married, Mrs. O’Malley devoted herself to knitting baby clothes and discussed the timeline for starting her own family.

Because the other interns had difficult relationships with their own mothers, Mama O’Malley made sure each of George’s friends felt loved and accepted in her family. Even after the death of her own sonLouise did what she could to stay involved in her former daughter-in-law’s life.

9 Susan Gray

Susan Gray in Grey's Anatomy.

After divorcing the cold and career-minded Ellis Grey, Thatcher, Meredith’s father, found a new partner Suzanne. Thatcher and Susan had two girls together, but after meeting Meredith in the hospital, Susan found room in her heart to love another daughter. Meredith, who came from an unloving household, did not initially accept Susan’s affections. She believed she was replacing her mother by helping her and trying to get Meredith back in touch with her father.

After a stern conversation between Meredith and Susan, the former realized that Susan just wanted her to feel loved and that she didn’t need to be alone. Unfortunately for Meredith, she Pseudo-mother became a patient in hospital, and her death shattered the already fragile relationship between Meredith and Thatcher.

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8th Megan Hunt

Megan Hunt in Grey's Anatomy

Even though the insides of her stomach were completely exposed, Megan Hunt In the hospital, all she could think about was her plan to return to her son Farouk. From the outside, Megan’s relationship with her son looks like love at its finest. Megan started caring for him when he was just a four-year-old Syrian refugee. Shortly thereafter, she informally adopted him.

When Megan was brought back to the States to undergo major surgery, Farouk stayed behind as she did not have the necessary documents to exit Iraq. Nathan, Megan’s fiancĂ© at the time, went to Iraq himself and told a few lies to get Farouk and his mother back together. From the warm hugs to the emotion in Megan’s voice, there’s no doubt Farouk is her whole world.

7 Carolyn Shepherd

Carolyn Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy

Raising five kids isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when everyone, including the man she practically raised (Mark Sloan), is growing up to be a doctor. Carolyn Shepherd is a tough but understanding woman with a military background. When it comes to patience for her children, she is willing to let her children learn from their own mistakes. Like all mothers, Carolyn has her good and bad qualities; She’s quick to spot when someone is putting on a show, but also holds onto past mistakes and judges accordingly.

Fans welcomed Carolyn’s approval of Meredith after revealing her authentic self, but her distant feelings towards Amelia negatively impacted how her youngest daughter views her self-esteem and relationships.

6 Sabine McNeil

Sabine McNeil in Grey's Anatomy.

Having a child in the hospital is a parent’s worst nightmare, but when all three are affected Sabine McNeilWhen the children were admitted for cardiomyopathy, the mother was rightly upset. She was afraid that something she was doing or what was in her home might make all her children sick, but years later, after two of her three children successfully beat the disease, she was presented with data proving otherwise.

During her hospital stay, Sabine never left her children’s side. She had to change rooms frequently, contend with the hospital staff, and accept the horrific reality of the doctors, but she was there every step of the way. Sabine’s children never felt alone and she did her best to stay strong for each and every one of them.

5 Izzie Stevens

Katherine Heigl Grays Anatomy (1)

Izzie StevensMotherhood was overshadowed by that of Alex Karev departure from Grey’s anatomy. When Alex learned that she had used her frozen embryos, successfully given birth to twins, and raised her children over the last few years, Alex didn’t hesitate to leave the hospital and be with them. Although we don’t see Izzie as a mom for long, fans can tell she’s a good mom. Your children have more than they need, from the playroom to farm animals. She’s always wanted to give her children more than she did when she was growing up in a trailer park. The smiles on their faces and the instant acceptance of Alex into their lives shows that she raised them right.

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4 Diane Pierce

Diane Pierce from Grey's Anatomy (1)

Although she may not have been the best partner for her ex-husband, Diane Pierce Maggie was always a supportive and loving mother. She hired a mascot to perform a song at the hospital to congratulate Maggie on her new job, she helped out at Meredith’s house while she was in town, and when she got to Maggie and told her about her inflammatory breast cancer, she did Diane do her best. Keep your cool and be strong for your daughter.

Unlike her daughter, Diane quickly befriended Maggie’s friends and made them feel loved. She cooked for them, cleaned around the house and even played with Meredith’s children. Even in her final days, Diane was full of advice and words of encouragement.

3 Helen Karev

Alex Karev's mother in Grey's Anatomy (1)

For more than half Grey’s anatomyIt was extremely easy to write Helen Karev as a terrible woman. Her schizophrenia didn’t make her a bad mother, but her refusal to take her medication while constantly putting her three children at risk didn’t earn her any points. When Alex visited her with his fiancĂ©e Jo, the two realized that Helen had changed their lives. She stuck to a schedule and did her best to cope with her mental illness.

Initially angry at his mother for recovering after he no longer needed her, Alex was able to find it in his heart to forgive her for her past actions. She and Alex rekindled their relationship and she was really proud to see how far he had strayed from the environment she had created.

2 Jane “Mama” Burke

Mama Burke in Grey's Anatomy (1)

jane burke, also known as “Mama”, is a force no one wants to reckon with. In the beginning Mama Burke didn’t do that Agree with Cristina; She called her selfish and made derogatory comments about not being good enough for her son. However, after Mom learned more about her future daughter-in-law during the wedding planning process, she began to accept Cristina in Preston’s life.

In her son’s eyes, Jane is a great mother. She wants the best for him, isn’t afraid of awkward conversations, and keeps her composure when she has chores to do for him. Many fans initially felt that she was being too harsh on Cristina, but that changed after their last chat when Mama Burke said she imagines they are more alike than they realise.

1 Evelyn Hunt

Mama Hunt in Grey's Anatomy (1)

Although she rarely takes the spotlight on screen, except when Owen found out she was in a relationship with a much younger man, Evelyn Hunt is an amazing mother. She attended all of Owen’s weddings (she helped set up and take down one of them that didn’t even happen) and was always there for Megan’s needs at the hospital. When Amelia needed “mom advice,” she turned to her mother-in-law, Evelyn, for help. Evelyn comes from a military background and doesn’t accept the crazy back and forth and dramas that her son often finds himself in. Instead, she becomes the voice of reason to bring him and those who need it back to reality.

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