11 Plans of the Global Elites for YOUR FUTURE

The global elites and left-wing media have done their best to portray everything they are planning as a “conspiracy theory.”

However, many of us are not gullible enough to believe it.

Glenn Beck is one of these people and he argues that these “conspiracy theories” are actually “conspiracy FACTS”.

Doug Casey is another man who knows the truth, and Glenn reads one of his articles called “11 Assumptions About the Future.” The article can serve as a guide for our future course of action and fits perfectly with the warnings given by Glenn in his latest book, Dark Future.

Casey’s first assumption is that there will be “less freedom of movement.”

Global elites will attempt to restrict and regulate our freedom of movement. Whether through vaccine passports, increased visa requirements or 15-minute city initiatives, there will be restrictions that we all need to prepare for.

His second assumption is that a central bank digital currency is on the way. Casey believes that “cash is being phased out” and that “major economies are working to be ready for use.” [the CBDC] by 2025.”

Third: “The digital ID is already here.” He writes: “[b]Iometric data is the future,” and if you have a government-issued ID linked to your photo, you’re already in the system.

Number four is “the Greater Depression,” which Casey quotes Simon Hunt about. “Hunt expects a market decline of up to 30% by early 2024, followed by a surge and deflationary wipeout in 2025.”

His fifth assumption is that most “financial assets will eventually disappear.” Whether because of inflation, the bank bailout, the market collapse or “the big takeover,” Casey believes that “physical assets are ultimately where I need to be.”

“Increasing crime and disorder” is his sixth assumption. The increase in crime will “lead to greater physical threats to our lives and property from our fellow human beings.” Casey warns that it’s probably safer to avoid urban environments.

Seventh is that “supply constraints across all raw materials will increase” and people around the world will find it much harder to afford everything from food to energy.

His eighth assumption is that “World War III is imminent” and may have already begun, while his ninth assumption is that “censorship and digital control will enter a new phase,” which includes “debanking.”

Casey’s tenth assumption is that “the US election – regardless of the outcome – is a turning point and potentially a flashpoint” and he is not even sure there will be an election in 2024.

Last but not least: “Today there is war” and “it is a war against us.” Casey writes: “When we see a move toward kinetic force, we should be alarmed because we have entered a new and more dangerous phase.”

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Laura Coffey

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