12 Perfect Gifts for Your Long Distance Friend

Any surprise present that makes your distant BFF think of you would be a kind gesture when you miss them. However, there’s a whole category of special, non-traditional gifts for long-distance friendships. Each item on this list highlights how close you are and solidifies your relationship even more. 

Consider which items on this list you’d be delighted to receive from your bestie. Consider their preferences and the items from those picked out that they would be most thrilled to receive. Your minimalist buddy might prefer something useful.

A nostalgic book with your own handwritten personal words may hold far greater value for someone else. If you send your workaholic buddy a self-care gift filled with bath products and some flowers, she’ll probably be ecstatic. 

The more thought you put into it, the more special and thoughtful it’ll be to your buddy. So, in hopes you’ll locate the ideal present for your closest buddy, here are 12 gift suggestions for your far-away pal.


Flowers may seem cliche to most but the truth is that they can mean the most, provided you know which ones your bestie loves most. They’re always readily available for same-day delivery in Los Angeles, making them one of the most convenient options for sending gifts. 

You can choose from and customize many different price options and arrangements. For thousands of years, numerous civilizations and religious traditions have utilized flowers to convey sentiments and emotions.

Keepsake Box

A friendship keepsake box is one of those useful presents that’s more than simply a lovely dust catcher. You might have one specifically produced for a unique birthday present for your closest friend. They’re available in a variety of colors and styles. They’re ideal for a dependable childhood pal you keep in your life.

Matching Friendship Mugs

You know you’re fortunate when you have a buddy who’s like a sibling to you. A matching friendship mug set is the perfect long-distance friendship present since it expresses just that and will make your bestie think of you each time they have a warm beverage.

Customized Cuddle Pillow

Science has shown the value of human contact and cuddling for our health. A personalized cushion can provide your best friend with the consolation of your remote embrace anytime they need it till you can hold one other again. This is such a kind present suggestion for distant pals you visit and hug less often than you’d like.

Friendship Bracelets

We deliberately pick our pals to be our second family. We might sometimes get more attached to them than to our biological family. The most heartfelt present imaginable would be a lovely friendship bracelet with an inside inscription that expresses how important your buddy is to you.

Memory Box Doorstop

A rustic wooden memory box doorstop would look well in practically any room and appeal to everyone’s aesthetic sense. You may decorate it with quotes and recollections of enjoyable experiences you’ve had together. 

Your friend won’t stop talking about the enjoyable times you two shared in the past, whether it was a memorable road trip or simply a regular cup of coffee. These boxes can also be used as decor items on shelves or as bookshelf ends too.

Connected Friendship Lamps

This is definitely a favorite interactive gift among the ones available for long-distance friendships. When you can’t have a complete discussion, it allows you to rapidly interact in real-time rather than just sitting on your friend’s desk.

The other immediately changes color when you touch one of the bulbs while thinking about each other. Even across countries, it works both ways and fosters an incredible sense of connectedness.

Touch Bracelets

The interactive gift that you don’t leave at home is another item on our list of friendship presents. These wristbands connect to an app on your phone and come in various colors. Every time you tap yours, your friends will light up and vibrate to let them know you’re thinking of them and that you love them.

Photo Calendars

What about a wall or desk-mounted calendar featuring one of your favorite images for each month? The greatest photos of the two of you from your wonderful previous days can be found. As each new month begins, your bestie will have a blast thinking back to when they visited you and went on adventures together.

Customized Necklaces

A bespoke necklace fashioned from a photo or with something special and distinctive inscribed on it is another intriguing concept that might combine one of your fondest memories.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a picture of the two of you. It may be something straightforward that matches each of your outfits while being a constant reminder of the other.

Self-Care Giftboxes

Even if you’re far away, you may still show your closest friend that you care even though you can’t always be there for them in their hour of need. Giving a care package to a best friend, especially one who works hard, is the ideal gesture. 

You may fill your box with items tailored to your best friend’s preferences and requirements, such as their preferred snacks, drinks, and relaxation goods. Giving something thoughtfully crafted like this is always appreciated.


Sending your bestie something fresh and exciting monthly that they’re guaranteed to adore is easy with subscriptions. Send them a bottle of their favorite wine every month, find a private space for your video conversations, and engage in a delightful conversation as if they had never gone.

There are excellent books available for any taste, whether your distant buddy is a voracious reader or not. A monthly book subscription with newly published titles could be just what your closest buddy needs.

Additionally, you may give them a package of surprises filled with cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products each month. How about lighting some excellent scented candles and making your friend’s room smell pleasant all the time? You may pick their favorite smells, and they’ll feel closer to you every time they smell them.

No Boundaries

Genuine friendship has no boundaries. When you see them again, it won’t matter how far away they’re or how long it has been since you last saw each other. It’ll still seem like yesterday. In the meanwhile, you may express your affection to them by sending one of the

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