6 Weird Ways People Dry Clothes When It’s Not Hot Enough Outside

Spring is a beautiful time of year – apart from the unpredictable cold and rain showers between the almost summery days. It makes doing laundry a little more difficult and is a chore that many of us dread.

But if you follow a few tips from around the web, you’ll quickly find that you need to work a little smarter this time of year.

Parents have revealed their tips and top buys they swear by when doing their laundry, especially on days when the weather outside is miserable and drying just takes forever.

Here are our six top tips that you should definitely try.

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Laundry hack for the lazy mom

1. The Kmart Portable Clothes Dryer

We’ll kick off this clever list with an item that’s currently having Kmart shoppers rushing to the store. This $49 clothes dryer is not only portable, but also has a special case to warm up the clothes and speed up the whole process.

According to customers, your laundry will be dry in just an hour and can be used indoors or outdoors under a blanket.

“No dryer? No problem. We are obsessed with this find,” shared one satisfied customer in a video that has now gone viral on the internet.

“This alien looking hanger is a Kmart secret and I’m not a porter. It’s a portable clothes dryer. In that case, zip up, turn on the timer, and it dries your wet clothes in an hour or two.

The clip has been viewed over 650,000 times and the reviews on the Kmart website prove it’s a winner.

“Great product, even dries jeans. Can’t hold a lot of clothes but is great for drying school clothes quickly and doesn’t use as much electricity as a tumble dryer. Highly recommend,” one person reviewed.

And another shared: “I love the fact that I can store it away when I’m not using it. And it can also double as a drying rack if you take the tent off when you don’t need the heating function.”

2. Throw a dry towel in the dryer

It’s a little hard to understand how a dry item in between a pile of wet clothes can help clothes dry faster, but according to the Perth mother-of-two: Carolina McCauleyit’s the helpful cleaning hack everyone needs to know.

“If you’re tired of waiting for your clothes to dry, try this super quick drying hack!” she captioned a video posted to Instagram.

Then she reveals her handy tip of using a dry towel with a load of laundry.

While the towel may not need to be dried, it does serve to wick the moisture in wet laundry. It helps speed up the drying process and, as Carolina explains, “reduces drying time by 30 percent.”

But don’t leave it on for the whole cycle.

“Remove the towel after 15 minutes,” she says, explaining that the rest of the wet clothes should continue on the drying cycle as usual until they’re dry. And she promises it won’t be long after that.

Saves time and money – sounds like a winner to us!

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3. Invest in a small fan

Laundry always takes longer to dry when it’s cold or raining outside, hence TikToker Ann RussellWhen she shared it online, her tip on using a fan sparked so many comments.

The tip came after Ann was asked a frequently asked question: “Can you give me some tips on how to dry laundry in cold weather?” I can’t put up my dryer or radiators [radiators] continue for cost reasons.”

Ann’s clever solution was to hang the clothes indoors before the wild weather and blow a cold fan in the direction. A regular fan is cheaper than one that heats the room and definitely cheaper than running the tumble dryer for multiple loads.

But we’re not talking about a hot fan or heater. Just a normal fan.

“It blows cold air. “It doesn’t cost much money,” she explained, using pictures of her setup at home.

And if you’re concerned that leaving wet clothes inside might be bad for your health, Ann recommends leaving a window open to allow the moisture in the air to escape.

The video received over 12,000 likes and many praised the woman for her helpful advice.

4. Cover your clothesline with a tarp or camping roof

A British mum has brought us an ingenious solution to doing laundry that will likely be a game-changer when the weather isn’t ideal.

TikTok user @moneymumofficial posted a clip this week to show her followers setting up a gazebo over her backyard clothesline to protect them from inclement weather.

In the caption above the clip, she wrote, “Save some money on electricity!”

“Autumn will be here soon and the rain will start soon.

“So instead of drying the laundry indoors on a drying rack or on the radiators or using the tumble dryer…we set up the pop-up tent over the clothesline!”

A lot of people were excited about the idea, while others claimed they would do the same and work wonders.

“I made this, it takes a little longer to dry but works great,” wrote one viewer.

“I don’t have a yard but still a great idea… I need to put fans on and put clothes by the window,” added another.

And a third wrote: “Great idea. Might take a little longer but will save a fortune.”

5. Install an indoor fan

Hailed as the “most handy Kmart hack” by a mom Kmart hacks and decor Facebook group, this ventilation station is apparently the answer to many of your laundry problems. Low cost/power consumption and space-saving!

“Kmart’s deluxe drying rack works perfectly when mounted on the wall in my laundry room, with a central heating vent underneath,” mum Keira shared with the group pictures of her epic build.

The Kmart Air Station ($79) is meant to be free-standing, but when disassembled it can be mounted side-by-side on any wall.

“It comes already built, so I had to disassemble it. You have to remove all the pieces in the middle (like the cross braces and the top center beam) but you end up with two identical sides,” the mother explains.

“Most of the parts unscrew easily, but the top part doesn’t have regular screws, so I just cut it off with a hacksaw.”

Needless to say, many smart parents have approved of this handy trick.

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6. ALDI hook for $9.99

For NSW-based dad Tony, ALDI saves the day when it comes to doing laundry.

“I’ve just done our weekly grocery shopping and saw the range of camping and caravanning accessories. We camp a lot and there’s always a gem with these deals, so I decided to take a little look,” he said children spot.

And this time, that gem came in the form of a handy $9.99 suction hook that was part of a recent Special Buys sale.

“I was looking for an easier way to hang shirts up to dry indoors, but didn’t want to spend a fortune or completely overhaul my laundry with large hangers. That seemed perfect to me,” he added.

The father-of-three bought two hooks to hang on the walls of his laundry and says they are revolutionizing laundry — not only do they use them to dry wet shirts, they also hang the uniforms for the kids in their rooms bring to.

“Right now I have five shirts on one and eight on the other,” says Tony. “They can carry about 3 kilos and haven’t fallen off yet!”

We’ll be on the lookout for these next time they’re back in stock in the center aisle!

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