9 Actors Who Should Play Ron Weasley in the Reboot

Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon for a myriad of reasons and introduces the reader to the magical world of Hogwarts and three very different heroes: Harry, Ron and Hermione. In 2001 the first Harry Potter film adaptation that brings these three characters to life with impeccable performances by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, prompting them to recreate their respective characters for the next decade.

In the style of Hollywood, the lucrative Harry Potter franchise is being adapted into a TV series that explores each of the books in more depth. As this project moves into production, viewers are left wondering who will portray their beloved wizards. Here are 9 actors who are set to play Ron Weasley in the reboot.


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9 Noah Schnapp – The Goblet of Fire through the Deathly Hallows

Noah Schnapp as Will in Stranger Things

Noah Snap captivated audiences with his performance as Will Byers stranger things. With incredible acting range, Schnapp conveys the tense, nerve-wracking experiences of Will’s defining moments in life. From reliving Will’s trauma on Upside Down, to struggling to adjust to normal life again after being trapped in another world for weeks, to his hidden feelings for his best friend Mike, Noah Schnapp takes it audience on a pretty emotional journey. Screen.

I see him portraying Ron Weasley as a teenager Harry Potter and theGoblet of Fire through Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows would be an excellent use of the actor’s skills given the growing difficulties Ron is going through in these books, from his budding romance with Hermione, his short-lived relationship with Lavender Brown to his general teenage angst.

8th Finn Wolfhard – The Goblet of Fire through the Deathly Hallows

Ghostbuster's afterlife
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Finn Wolfhard is the driving force for the young actors stranger things and has shown differentiated performance over the four seasons. From his friendship with Dustin, Lucas and Will, his relentlessness in rescuing Will from wrong, to his devotion to Eleven, Finn Wolfhard embodies the courage and loyalty of Ron Weasley.

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7 Hunter Doohan – The Goblet of Fire through the Deathly Hallows

Hunter Doohan

Hunter Doohan showed a carefree demeanor Wednesday That made Tyler a humble villain who surprised audiences when he made his big reveal as Hyde attacking the students at Nevermore Academy. Capable of portraying both hero and villain, Doohan would make an excellent teenage Ron Weasley, by the way, when the character faces moments of frustration at his friendship with Harry and Hermione, or even his brief moment of desertion along the way is frustrated Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

6 Percy Hynes White – The Goblet of Fire through the Deathly Hallows

Percy Hynes White

Percy Hynes White really made the audience love and despise him as Xavier Thorpe Wednesday. While Xavier shows romantic interest in Wednesday and occasionally tries to woo her, he in turn belittles Bianca and trivializes her feelings. Still, the root of Xavier’s unpredictable personality lies in his father’s childhood neglect, which Hynes White portrays flawlessly. As the second youngest child in a family of nine, Ron Weasley always felt like an outsider in his own family; Hynes White can definitely bring his unique touch to this character.

5 David Mazouz – The Half-Blood Prince through the Deathly Hallows)

Damian Wayne David Mazouz

The audience looked similar to Rupert Grint’s performance David Mazouz grow and mature over time Gotham’s Five Season Run. Mazouz gives a nuanced portrayal of the orphaned Bruce Wayne trying to navigate life after the death of his parents. Mazouz embodies the fear, the emotional conflict and ultimately the responsibility to protect his city. It would be interesting to see Mazouz portray Ron Weasley’s journey while helping Harry and Hermione save Hogwarts from Voldemort and his Legion.

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4 Noah Jupe – The Goblet of Fire through the Deathly Hallows

Damian Wayne Noah Jupe

Noah Justus delivered a tearful performance as Marcus walked in A quiet place And A Quiet Place Part 2, which puts the audience in the shoes of a child who is tormented by fear for his life on a daily basis. One of Justus’ most heartbreaking moments is the unforgettable bear trap incident, which incapacitates Marcus for most of the time A Quiet Place Part 2.

Nevertheless, Marcus manages to protect his newborn brother from the blind aliens. Considering Ron sustains a significant number of injuries all the time The Deathly HallowsAs he tries to fight to protect his friends and family, Jupiter would be an ideal choice to recreate Grint’s earlier portrayal.

3 Jaeden Martell – The Half-Blood Prince through the Deathly Hallows

Mr. Harrigan's phone

Jaeden Martell is best known for his portrayal of Bill Denbrough in It: Chapter 1 and Jacob in knife out, and it is through such performances that he demonstrates his incredible range as an actor; From the isolated Bill Denbrough to the selfish and spoiled Jacob Thrombey, Martell delivers two diametrically opposed performances. Martell was definitely able to portray Ron’s teenage sensibilities combined with his rebellious spirit.

2 Jack Dylan Grazer – Prisoner of Azkaban by the Deathly Hallows

We are who we are Jack Dylan Grazer

Jack Dylan Grazer Outstanding is his performance as Eddie Kaspbrak in It: Chapter 1, It shows a young child’s oppression by a controlling mother while still struggling to find a sense of individuality. In Shazam, Grazer portrays Freddy Freeman, Billy’s foster brother and mentor in using his superpowers. With these two portrayals, Grazer has proven he’s capable of portraying the imaginative best friend. He would certainly deliver as the next Ron Weasley.

1 Jacob Tremblay – The Prisoner of Azkaban through the Deathly Hallows

Jacob Tremblay in Doctor Sleep
Warner Bros.

Jacob Tremblay brought the audience to tears for the most part rooms The episode portrays five-year-old Jack Newsome trying to adjust to the real world while providing emotional support for his mother, Joy. As if its representation in Room When proof that Tremblay was an acting powerhouse wasn’t enough, he took on the role of Auggie Wonder, portrays a ten-year-old grappling with friendship, family, and a judgmental society. Tremblay can make audiences cry, laugh, and cheer for every character he portrays; His acting versatility would add welcome depth to Ron Weasley.

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