911 Lone Star Recap: Season 4 Episode 11 – [Spoiler] death, pregnancy

Known for handling over-the-top crises across the city of Austin, 9-1-1: Lone Star faced two emergencies Tuesday that were a little closer to home for members of the 126.

We start with Mateo’s cousin Marvin (also played by actor Julian Works), who we met back in 2018 in an episode of the flagship series 9-1-1. Despite only ever appearing via FaceTime, Marvin met his “identical cousin” for the $25,000 he needed to bail after he was arrested for squirting – again! Owen refused to loan Mateo the money, stating that helping his cousin would only get him further, but secret savior Nancy was more than happy to cough up the dough needed.

It was eventually revealed that Mateo feels like he owes everything to Marvin… because he does. Mateo accidentally burned down a middle school when he was young, and Marvin stepped up and took the fall, saving Mateo from deportation to Mexico. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of Marvin’s downward spiral; After being sent to the juvenile detention center, Marvin fell into a life of crime.

Now for the tragic part: Marvin was only about two hours out of police custody before he stole another car, crashed it and died. Distraught, Mateo drank himself into a stupor to find the courage to tell his family what happened, only to accidentally bang his head on the table and dream up an entire sitcom about the sacrifice Marvin made for him.

Owen agreed to take Mateo to the “station” where he intended to confess to his childhood crime, but he fooled the young first responder by taking him to the police Fire station, not the police station. Owen explained that every day Mateo makes things right by showing up and helping people. No doubt he will still feel guilty, but at least he can put this nightmare behind him.

As for this week’s other life-or-death surprise… Judd is going to be a grandfather! Wyatt and his girlfriend stopped by the Ryders’ home for dinner, where Judd’s son revealed that not only did he drop out of school, but he also wants to be a firefighter to help support their baby.

This caused quite a bit of friction between them as Judd didn’t feel Wyatt had what it took to live the life of a firefighter. But Wyatt proved him wrong once before by getting into the academy, so Judd agreed to get him in shape. And you better hurry, because he only has a week!

Your thoughts on this week’s Mini 9-1-1 Crossover via Marvin? How about Mateo’s surprising backstory? And does Wyatt really have what it takes to be a firefighter? Whatever’s on your mind Let it all out in a comment below.

https://tvline.com/2023/04/04/911-lone-star-recap-season-4-episode-11-marvin-dies/ 911 Lone Star Recap: Season 4 Episode 11 – [Spoiler] death, pregnancy

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