A Florida man allegedly beat his grandmother to death with a hammer and then called a housekeeper to clean up the bloody crime scene

A Florida sheriff’s office arrested a “blood-soaked” man after he allegedly struck his grandmother with a hammer and seriously injured his grandfather. Police said they caught the suspected killer after he asked his housekeeper to clean up the bloody crime scene.

Anthony Michael Corrado, of Naples, Fla., has been charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault of a person over 65 after he went to his grandparents’ home and brutally hit them with a hammer.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office said Corrado’s grandparents obtained an active protective order against their grandson, but did not explain the circumstances of the restraining order.

Anthony Michael Corrado

Anthony Michael Corrado (Collier County Sheriff’s Office)

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Police said Corrado called a housekeeper on Wednesday, May 17 to help him clean a house. When she arrived, she was greeted by a “blood-stained” Corrado, police said.

The unidentified housekeeper told police the 34-year-old led them to a bedroom where the elderly victim lay dead. The “quick-thinking” housekeeper quickly hatched an escape plan and told Corrado that she needed to get cleaning supplies from her car.


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As she left the apartment building, she made her way and stopped an officer in his patrol car nearby, police said.

Officers immediately called the home, where they found the bodies of the elderly woman and another victim. Corrado’s grandfather was wrapped in a blanket in another room and suffered severe head injuries.

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Police said he was flown to a nearby trauma center in a medical helicopter.

There was a hammer with blood on it on the kitchen counter and police described an illustrative scene with blood on the walls and floor of the house.

Collier County Sheriff's Police Cruiser

Collier County Sheriff’s Office (Collier County Sheriff’s Office)

Corrado was immediately found and arrested by law enforcement. He is being held in the Collier County Jail.

“This individual is in our custody thanks to the quick response of officers and the responsive reporter who was able to extricate herself from the home and alerted law enforcement,” Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said in a release.


Police said he was released from prison last year after violating his parole conditions. According to the arrest files, Corrado has a long criminal record dating back to the age of 23. His previous charges include possession of amphetamines and heroin, hit and run and multiple counts of violating his probation.

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