A Starfield player examined every single planet and it only took 180 hours

Starfield has only been out for a month, but one player has already managed to explore every planet possible.

One of Starfield’s biggest selling points is certainly the number of planets. There are many of them! More than 1000, a pretty ridiculous number actually, and one that very quickly got me thinking, “Yeah, I’ll probably go to 30 of them, maybe.” But other people are a little more ambitious than me, and by “a little” I mean I a lot, because Reddit user DoomZero shared last week that they have actually completely surveyed 1,694 planets. To be clear, this essentially affects every single planet in the game, with the only reason some aren’t fully explored being a bug.

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This is a surprising feat, especially considering they shared in the comments that out of the 200 hours of gameplay, 180 hours consisted of just observing planets, a length of time that I would have expected to be much longer. In an interview with IGN, DoomZero shared how they achieved this achievement and why they started the quest in the first place. “When I started playing and learning about surveying and fully surveying planets, the idea just stuck in my head,” DoomZero said. “I’m a bit of a completionist and thought it would just be a cool personal achievement.”

According to DoomZero, the biggest challenge was dealing with all the different animal species there are to discover. “There may be flying creatures and little bugs that you have to find. The hardest part was figuring out that there are actually aquatic creatures in the ocean biomes that need to be scanned, and that the only way to get them is to land in an area with a (coastal) descriptor. Another thing I realized early on was how important all the scanning capabilities would be.”

DoomZero also talked about how overwhelming the vastness of it all could be, but noted that “some of my favorite places that I explored were moons that might only have a few resources, but were extremely close to large planets .” The entire landscape is just a picture of this planet on the horizon. It sounds like even though not every planet is supposed to be interesting, there’s still something special to discover on many of them.

A true scientific explorer. Complete survey of all possible planets.
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