Alan Ritchson featured as Guile in the Street Fighter movie fan art

With the street fighter With the franchise getting a new live-action movie, chances are we’ll see a new incarnation of fan-favorite Guile on the big screen soon. In the original street fighter In the 1994 film, Jean-Claude Van Damme played the role of Guile, a US Air Force major known for his military attire and long blond hair. The character was not included in the 2009 reboot, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Lialthough he continues to appear in the video games and is a regular in the various animated films street fighter adjustments.

Guile is probably coming next street fighter With the reboot in the works by Legendary Entertainment, fans may be wondering who will be the next actor to play the master of Sonic Boom. if you ask BossLogic, reachers star Alan Ritchson fits and should be considered. The digital artist had the revelation while watching the new film Fast X, in which Ritchson appears. The thought led him to create a new artwork of Ritchson in Guile garb and credit the actor as the street fighter Favourite.

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“After watching Fast X pump up [Alan Ritchson’s] Hair a little and you have your Legendary street fighter Film Guile,” the artist wrote while sharing the artwork Twitterwhich you can see below.

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Street Fighter will restart

Van Damme in Street Fighter
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Last month it was announced that Legendary Entertainment is putting together a new project street fighter Movie. Talk to me Filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou also reportedly joined the project to direct. While a screenwriter is being sought, no details have been released about the reboot’s plot, but it will be based on the video game series of the same name. Since the film is still in its early stages, it could also be a while before the official cast is announced.

Fans may have speculated about a new one street fighter Film was inevitable. Video game adaptations have boomed in recent years, being more successful than ever on both the big and small screens. Mortal Kombat was the most-watched film on HBO Max in 2021, and both Sonic the Hedgehog Movies were box office hits. more recently, The Super Mario Bros. Movie completely decimated the box office and grossed more than $1.2 billion worldwide. Meanwhile on HBO, The last of us has garnered high viewership and critical acclaim.

The street fighter The video game series began with the original installment in 1987, in which Ryu and Ken were the playable characters. It was the sequel from 1991 Street Fighter II, which really helped make the franchise one of the most popular of all time. For this game alone, several new versions would emerge over the next few years. The video game series continues to this day since the latest installment street fighter 6should appear in June.

Legendary street fighter reboot has no release date yet.

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