Alan Ritchson replaced Keanu Reeves as the villain in Fast X

Fast X has gone through many changes from conception to release, and it seems that one of those changes was the intended plan Keanu Reeves plays the role of Aimes, one of the film’s villains, which eventually went to Reacher star Alan Ritchson. When speaking to Weekly entertainment to promote the latest issue of the Fast and Furious Ritchson revealed that Reeves was originally negotiating the role, but when things changed, Reeves was out and Ritchson was in. He said:

“It was just a bit of luck and good timing. I was working on a film with Hilary Swank up in Winnipeg in the freezing cold, and I got a call that plans had changed with Keanu Reeves, which I think has been the case, who was originally set to play my role. It’s hard to follow him.”

Reeves was about to join Fast and Furious series before. Author Chris Morgan previously revealed that the John Wick The actor was also scheduled to take part Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, when he was in talks to provide the voice behind the Eteon organization. It may be that Reeves’ schedule and other events prevent him from doing so Fast sagaIt’s unlikely that this will be detrimental to the actor or the franchise as both are doing extremely well independently. However, no one would say no to seeing Keanu Reeves in any of the remaining films.

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Fast X is already a box office winner.

There are very few films that have a guaranteed box office success today but earlier than that Fast X When the film hit theaters last weekend, it seemed certain that the film would be an early summer hit. After exceeding expectations on its opening weekend, the film’s second weekend is somewhat marred by the arrival of Disney’s huge hit. The little mermaid.

Although the audiences of the two films could not be more different, The little mermaid will be dominating theaters this weekend, and that could result in a drop in admissions for every other film already out there. It will therefore be interesting to see how strong the fall is Fast X lasts compared to the second weekend dip of movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

At the moment, Fast X seems certain to end its theatrical run as one of the best films of the year in terms of global box office grossing, helped tremendously by the strong support from China featured in many films such as B. was missing Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Beginning of the year. There are many more hits to come this summer, and for a long time to come Fast X will almost certainly end the year as one of the ten highest-grossing films of 2023. Only time will tell how far up the list he stays.

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