Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez welcomes Marjorie Taylor Greene to New York in perfect snarky fashion

Rep. Greene flyer photo in NYC Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images, Rep. A. Cortez photo Jamie McCarthy/MG21/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

As former President Donald Trump walked into a Manhattan courthouse today for his historic indictment, he was a rabble-rouser and a consistent liar Marjorie Taylor Greene protested in a nearby park. Things weren’t going well, and fellow congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez let Greene know.

At Greene’s performance at Collect Pond Park, she struggled to be heard despite having a megaphone, and there was something about the protest that’s becoming fairly common these days: the press and police outnumber Trump supporters.

No one could hear the sound of whistles, funnily enough, being handed out by another Trump supporter. She was taunted, yelled at and then thrown away.

“New York hates you!” someone can be heard yelling. That’s the kind of energy that brought AOC Greene to Twitter.

AOC responded to a tweet about how Greene was completely drowned out by protesters. There are still “social consequences” for “shameless bigotry” in New York, AOC said.

To add some insult to the injury, AOC added a Statue of Liberty emoji. Here’s the guy who gave out whistles. A true American (even if it’s not what he thinks it is).

Accordingly The New York Times, Greene wasn’t really defending Trump, just throwing mud at Democrats, using tried-and-true Republican tactics of avoidance, bringing up things completely unrelated, and blaming Joe Biden. In this case, democrats are “communists”. Wow, I dug really deep for this, Greene.

“We are the party that wants to protect the lives of the unborn, we are the party of men and women, just two sexes,” Greene said. “We are the Party of Safe Borders. We are the party that will bring peace to the world like President Trump did, not World War III like Joe Biden is doing.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez welcomes Marjorie Taylor Greene to New York in perfect snarky fashion

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