Amber Heard’s ‘credibility in tatters’ after losing Depp trial – legal expert

After three days of deliberation, the six-week trial that saw millions of people sit in front of court television to watch actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard discuss intimate and lurid details of their troubled relationship ended after the seven-member Fairfax, Virginia jury ruled end went. decided in favor of Depp.

The verdict was welcomed by Depp, who triumphantly announced that the verdict would give him his life back. Heard, on the other hand, appeared dejected in court as she said she was “indescribably” disappointed.

The verdict was the last straw for Heard, who was brutally and insensitively mocked on social media as the vast majority of people who followed the trial and analyzed every word spoken in court seemed to side with Depp.

Amber Heard Johnny Depp Trial
Amber Heard waits before the jury returned a split verdict in favor of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on their claim and counterclaim in the Depp v. Heard civil defamation suit at the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia on June 1. 2022. A legal expert told Newsweek that the ruling left Heard’s reputation “in tatters.”

“Over six long and sometimes brutal weeks of sensational allegations and intrusive evidence, harsh cross-examination, sky-high headlines and the eyes of the world watching live on court television, the former couple and their marriage were laid bare and dissected like a macabre autopsy on the Virginia court operating table,” said attorney Amber Melville-Brown news week.

Millions of people followed the trial, shared clips from the case on social media and even performed disturbing domestic violence re-enactments.

Melville-Brown, a media law specialist who advises on defamation cases, likened the process to the “litigation equivalent of Squid Game,” the watchable South Korean TV show that became a worldwide sensation on Netflix last year.

She described the case of Depp v. Heard as “confusing, unsettling, offensive and graphic, yet intriguing as the contestants fought to the death of their reputations”.

The known death, Melville-Brown said, was that of Heard.

“Depp emerged victorious, heart-blood pumped into his failed reputation, nearly mortally wounded by his London libel loss; while Heard is left with her credibility in tatters as her evidence was found by the jury to be false, defamatory and malicious,” she said.

Heard won one count of the $2 million case as the jury found she was defamed by Depp’s attorney. But the jury’s message, as repeated by newspaper headlines around the world, was clear: Depp won the case.

The win came despite a previous libel case Depp brought against the British tabloid The sunwho had called the actor a “wife beater” and thought the tabloid’s claim was “essentially true.”

Depp’s tarnished reputation – which, it should be said, has already been tarnished by his alcohol and drug abuse troubles and recent complaints of financial woes – has made a comeback during the trial, as thousands of fans took to social media to show their support with slogans such as expressed “Justice for Johnny.”

While Heard has been labeled a psychopath and a liar, Depp’s reputation has somehow made a comeback during the trial. Now, Melville-Brown said, it must be restored by the verdict.

“Depp’s reputation is being healed from the damage caused by the beatings he suffered during this trial and the earlier trial in London, and his win puts him on the road to recovery,” she said.

“It is questionable whether, despite the win, some will still fear the toxicity Depp could bring to their own brand by being associated with him, based on the evidence heard in court. However, the power of his loyal and vocal fan base should be his consolation given his pulling power, and standing on the shoulders of this victory, Depp will no doubt work to improve his reputation even more by reacting to the result.”

The same cannot be said for Heard.

“For Heard, the verdict is devastating,” said Melville-Brown. “She has already suffered extreme backlash and ‘death by TikTok’ when she was relentlessly portrayed in unflattering and offensive memes stemming from her statement. As the court now finds that she published false and defamatory allegations with actual malice, her path to rehabilitation will be much longer, rougher and harder.”

A spokesman for Heard said that New York Times that the actor is likely to appeal the jury’s verdict. From a legal point of view, this is a risky step, said Melville-Brown.

“In the world of reputation rehabilitation and brand protection, you need to be able to navigate through a crisis and, regardless of the outcome, keep your head above water and survive another day,” she said. “Clearly it is easier for the victor than for the loser to turn the page and move on. My advice to winners and losers would be to dust yourself off, stand as tall as you can and start a new chapter.”

Melville-Brown advised against “additional words to the narrative” that has already filled many columns in newspapers around the world.

“Both could lose more by the way they react to the result. With the judgment that has now been passed – without an appeal – the process is over; whatever mistakes the parties may have made in the past, none should keep the lawsuit alive It’s unlikely that Amber Heard will willingly follow the advice or path her nemesis Depp has charted, she could do worse than his words about the defeat in London when he said he wouldn’t let the loss define him. Amber Heard’s ‘credibility in tatters’ after losing Depp trial – legal expert

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