An intentionally ridiculous chase thriller steps up the gas for streaming metal

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Every film released from March 2020 has been doomed due to the pandemic, but in another parallel reality, director Derrick Borte’s deliberately ridiculous pursuit thriller Confused would have become an instant cult favorite and sleeper hit.

Unfortunately, the old-fashioned throwback had the misfortune of securing a wide theatrical release in August 2020, a time when the industry was experiencing its worst downturn in decades. However, it still managed to carve out a unique piece of Hollywood history by becoming the first COVID-era title to surpass $1 million in opening weekend, which it did four times.


The trailer mostly sold itself, with the glorified B-movie living up to its title and some of which were based entirely on Russell Crowe’s fierce gaze and landscape-devouring performance as the play’s villain, with the Oscar-winning actor playing an angry driver, who takes it upon himself to track down and decimate the unsuspecting single mom who does little more than honk at him.

Confused is a solid way to while away a few hours on a lazy weekend or quiet afternoon, which must be one of the reasons it’s suddenly seeing a surge in popularity when it comes to streaming. According to FlixPatrol, the straight-forward but intentionally absurd cat-and-mouse tale of revenge has gone full throttle to become one of the most-watched features on Prime Video and iTunes global charts.

All of that, and it even wrote its name into the history books during the darkest time multiplexes have known in modern times. An intentionally ridiculous chase thriller steps up the gas for streaming metal

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