‘Andor’ Recap Episode 11 – A Tragic Death, Space Battle and More

BESPIN, Outer Rim — Star Wars fans around the world agreed Wednesday that Season 11 Andor was the best of the Disney+ series so far as it features a cool space battle and gummy aliens that talked funny.

“Preferably Andor Follow all the time!” said Dale Wilhoit, president of the long-dormant SWEATTOC (Star Wars Enthusiasts Against Taxation-Themed Opening Crawls), in a phone interview with TVLine. “After all these weeks of skillfully exploring class solidarity, colonialism, and the slow but steady rise of fascism, Impressivedid you see the Fondor’s laser thing cut that TIE fighter in half? Sick.”

“I mean it’s not that Talk Wars, Amirite?” Wilhoit added.

The November 16 episode of Andor – as the title “Daughter of Ferrix” suggested – also revolved around the off-screen death of Maarva Andor. Son Cassian was not present at the sad event, although he and fellow prisoner Melshi did Enjoy a crazy adventure as they get trapped in a booby trap set by two extremely adorable Narkinians.

“So great to finally have some gummy aliens on this show,” wrote Pat Korliss on his Badass Rebel Alien-ance blog. “Like what about all the people? Max Rebo, baby!”

So widespread was the enthusiasm for Episode 11 that as of Wednesday afternoon, the hashtags “#MakeEp11TheFirstEpisodeAndIgnoreTheRest” and “ReleaseTheMoreLasersCut” were both trending on Truth Social. (Many Bothans contributed to this report.)

Andor 1x11All in all, in this week’s episode…

CLASSIC and MELSHI dodged a curious Imperial Reaper long enough to climb a cliff and see a possible route from Narkina, but as they dared boldly lunge at a nearby quadjumper, the aforementioned Narkinians sprang a sticky web that trapped the men. But after a brief angst (including talk of them being sold/bartered for credits) Cass convinced the Narkinians to drive them to Niamos. Back at the beach resort, Cass retrieved the locker he had stowed above the shower. After that, he cautiously radioed his buddy at the ticket booth on Ferrix for an update on Maarva… only to find out his mother had died.

Andor 1x11DEDRAAlso learned that Cassian Andor’s mother had died, so she instructed the Ferrix troops to allow a proper burial, hoping that Cassian would try to attend. Similar, VEL bravely faced KLEYA on the gallery to ask about Luthen’s whereabouts and get in touch via CINTA that Cassian Andor’s mother had died, so she was on her way back to Ferrix to tie that loose end. SYRILalso (barely) heard of Maarva, from good old Sgt. Mosk, who still has his ear to the ground on Morlana One.

Elsewhere on Ferrix, BIX just looked awful – exhausted, shattered, shattered – after being tortured by Dr. Gorst. Therefore, when asked whether Anto Kreegyr was her “buyer”, she could not even answer.

The actual LUTHEN flew away to meet SAW GERRERA and decline his offer to join Kreegyr’s heist on the Spellhaus Power Plant. When Luthen confided that Spellhaus was a trap he had to let pass or his ISB source would be burned, Saw became all sorts of paranoid and wondered if Luthen was an ISB himself. Luthen proved himself by holding a gun to Saw’s head and taking no action, arguing that if he had been ISB he would have had Saw and his men killed in the Spellhaus Massacre as well.

On the way back, Luthen drew the attention of an Imperial Arrestor Cruiser, which he tried to dispel with a fake transponder code. As the cruiser aimed its tractor beam at Fondor, Luthen and his onboard droid unleashed metallic countermeasures that shredded the tractor beam dish. Then, after going into battle with a handful of deployed TIE fighters – slashing the last two with static laser beams emanating from its wings – Luthen threw the Fondor into hyperdrive, angering the cruiser’s captain.

Andor MonEventually, after her unorthodox date with Kleya, Vel paid off her cousin MON MOTHMA a visit during which she and we learned in more detail how the senator’s regular wire transfers of family funds into rebel accounts risked detection after one of her accounts went short by 400,000 before she could replenish it. Ergo, her need to possibly retain Davo Sculdun’s special abilities. Speaking of which, the cousins’ conversation was happening meanwhile LEIDA was in the next room taking part in some kind of ceremony/rite of passage that seems to be an integral part of Chandrilan engagement customs…?

what were you thinking about Andor Episode 11, and what are your predictions for next week’s season finale?

https://tvline.com/2022/11/16/andor-recap-season-1-episode-11/ ‘Andor’ Recap Episode 11 – A Tragic Death, Space Battle and More

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