Andor Recap: Season 1 Episode 4 – Mon Mothma intro, Cass joins Heist

The following contains spoilers from Episode 4 of Disney+ Andor.

Andor this week got a blast of war of stars‘ past (and future), as Senator Mon Mothma – destined, of course, to become the leader of the Rebel Alliance – emerged in a most dynamic manner.

Played again by Genevieve O’Reilly (by both Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith), Mon Mothma wasn’t dressed in the drab, utilitarian garb of a rebel strategist, instead looking pretty damn regal as she visited a high-end gift shop in Coruscant curated by a “different” iteration of Stellan Skarsgård’s Luthen Rael.

As Luthen disappeared into a back room with Mon Mothma’s driver, he wised up and reverted to his gruff self, urging the senator to demand more money for her undercover cause, but she reported finding it harder than ever to budge as long as the money is there. “There’s a new spy in the Senate every day,” she shared. “I feel besieged.”

Mon Mothma noted that she “found someone” who she thinks could help her, but Luthen – who had just planted Cassian aka “Clem” on a band of rebels on the planet Aldhani planning robberies – fired back : “We need funding, not more people to worry about!”

The two seemed to find some peace as they reverted to their roles (as “the colorful owner” and “the wife who dutifully shops for husband Perrin’s day of days”), though Luthen did when he presented her gift wrapping , said it was “a gamble choice – but I trust you will have the courage to do so.” turning back if you want it to be a little a lot of.”

Andor Luthen Mon Mothma

thinking about her Andor Input, O’Reilly told TVLine, “Luthen is so theatrical and enigmatic and quite mysterious and powerful as a character, so me love that this is the room Mon Mothma enters. You gain another reference for him and for his agenda and his dynamism.”

Then O’Reilly examined Mon Mothma at this stage in her life and said, “We meet a woman who looks different than we’ve seen before, the feels different who certainly Dresses different. As she walks in, you can see the power she wields. But within a few minutes of being in the scene, you step away from the very public Mon Mothma we’ve always seen – this statuesque, majestic woman – and she changes dramatically to reveal a private face we’ve never encountered before. You see that she is being threatened. You see that she is in danger. You can see she’s taking risks.”

All in all: “I think it’s a wonderful introduction from [Andor creator] Tony Gilroy, to recalibrate this woman, to reintroduce her to us in a way we’ve never seen her before, and to introduce her on the series in a way that allows for storytelling and storytelling.” Finally, the Irish-Australian actress notes : “We know it has to go somewhere, right?”

O’Reilly also made sure to provide props to the gift shop that served as the stage for this fascinating encounter. “This is an exceptional set from our designer, Luke Hull,” she said. “Stellan and I had the best time in this set. We were like children in a playground.”

Andor Clem VelElsewhere in Episode 4, before Luthen’s meeting with Mon Mothma:

Luthen transported Cassian to the planet Aldhani and “invited” him to join a small band of rebels plotting to rob the Empire’s quarterly payroll for the entire sector. With his eyes on a 200,000-credit payday, Andor accepted and joined team leader Vel (played by game of Thrones‘ Faye Marsay) and her mostly suspicious/angry colleagues Skeen (The bear‘s Ebon Moss-Bachrach), Taramyn (Britannia‘s Gershwyn Eustache Jr.), Nemik (The end of the damn world‘s Alex Lawther), Cinta (fight back‘s Varada Sethu) and Mole Lt. Gorn (manhunt‘s Sule Rimi).

Barely earning their acceptance, if not their trust, Cass was drawn into the ambitious, Top Gun: Maverick– Impossible mission to storm a garrison guarded by 20 men… breach/rob a vault… and then escape in a Rono Freighter (Box) piloted by “Clem”. With the Imperial airstrip only nine minutes away, Cass views the escape plan as a “suicidal mission” until he is explained that a triennial celestial event, akin to “50 meteor showers at once,” will provide cover for them just before they slip away there is chaos in the sky. “Clem” is then assigned to work on the details overnight because the job is going down in three days.

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