‘Andor’ Recap Season 1 Episode 9 — [Spoiler] Die, Vel is [Spoiler]

This week on Disney+ Andora harrowing rumor spread access to Narkina 5 while Dedra put the screws on Bix and Vel’s family ties were revealed.

Tension was heightened across the board high in Episode 9, beginning with Dedra’s interrogation of Bix with a brutality that would make Grand Moff Tarkin pale. The Ferrix junkyard owner has fought back, refusing to confirm or reveal her arrangement with Salman Paak and his hidden radio. Unfortunately, Paak had already sold Bix, so when Dedra felt blood in the water, he called for Dr. Gorst fails to use his improved interrogation technique, which involves massacring modified recordings of some extraterrestrial species, namely their young. Exposed to the heartbreaking noises, we later learned that Bix had admitted dealing in a number of stolen Imperial hardware, but the exact identity of “Axis” (aka Luthen) still seems to be a mystery.

Andor Summary 1x09Later, the seemingly unflappable Dedra was somewhat unnerved/annoyed when she saw Syril lying in wait (or chasing) outside the ISB to again argue that they share the same mission and that Cassian Andor is a key to unlocking it , which unfolds. Dedra later informed the ISB of her Ferrix interrogations, including the fact that Cassian was beardless when last seen, better matching him to one of the Aldhani heist participants.

Speaking of Aldhani Raid participants…. Mon Mothma learned that her cousin had turned up at the embassy somewhat unexpectedly, and when Mon comes home we find that said relative is none other than Vel! (Those of you who have speculated that Vel is Luthen’s daughter, close, but no cigar.) After Aunt Vel got that brat Leida a fancy dress, Vel and Mon share a few furtive chats about their respective roles in the growing Rebellion, though it seems like Mon is more aware of Vel’s involvement than the other way around?

Andor Mon VelThe reunion ends with Mon urging Vel to resume her role as “spoiled rich girl” and go into hiding to throw the Empire off her scent. Mon then steals a meeting with (old friend!) Tay, who, without her authorization, has recruited some sort of villain named Davo Sculdun to cover up the paper trail of her significant, moving funds.

Meanwhile, on Narkina 5, “Keef” and his table seemed to be on the up and in the running for best edition, as was Ulaf (Andor‘s version of Squid Game’s Old Man) began to fizzle out, and his ticket had just under 40 days left. While tending to Ulaf’s health, Keef & Co. learned from the autographed messages with the other floors that something very, very Bad things have happened on Level Two – but Foreman Kino is urging everyone to save their own hides by ignoring the “rumor”. Later, when Ulaf collapses and calls Kino for a medic, the healer ends A) Ulaf’s msiery, making it clear that no one “goes home” when their counter hits zero, especially during these times, and B) trusts Kino and Keef with that All Level Two prisoners were summarily roasted after causing trouble. Frightened by this news, Kino finally tells Keef what he’s always wanted to know – that there are 12 guards on every floor….

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