‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1 Finale Episode 12 – Maarva Burial on Ferrix

in the AndorThe tension was in the air in the season 1 finale thick as the people of Ferrix gathered for Maarva’s funeral while others lay in wait hoping to capture (or kill) Cassian….

For a possible appearance of the late Maarva’s son, Ferrix was met by ISB Supervisor Dedra, who promptly went undercover with Corv to patrol the streets herself… Syril, with Sergeant Mosk… Vel, who found Cinta a little too much focused on the manhunt… Luthen, cloaked in a cloak… and Cassian himself.

Cassian reunited with Brasso shortly after he slipped into town and learned of Bix’s status. He then worked with Brasso and junkyard owner Pegla to take him to a crawl space in a high tower to scout the hotel where Bix is ​​being held. Unfortunately, a curious Nurchi got wind of what the lords were up to and revealed to Dedra and Corv of Andor’s whereabouts – though it was empty when they breached the crawlspace. Cass was already in a tunnel on her way to the hotel.

Meanwhile, the funeral parade began – a little earlier than expected and on a larger scale, prompting Imperial forces to descend in full and perimeter outside, leaving the hotel fairly unguarded. Cass then emerged from the tunnel in the kitchen and was pointed out to Bix’s location by an old friend.

Summary of the Andor finaleAs the funeral procession came to a halt, B2Emo projected a large hologram of Maarva, who had donned her Daughters of Ferrix dress to record a pep talk for the people of Ferrix. Maarva said if she had one regret, it would have been to have “woken up” earlier to the Empire’s ever-tightening grip, its spread from “a darkness like rust.” She left everyone with one final battle cry – “Fight the Empire!” – At this point the crowd pressed toward the front line of Imperial soldiers and a scuffle ensued. Paak’s son Wilmon reinforced things and then some, taking from his pocket a pipe bomb we saw him tinkering with earlier and tossing it into the Imperial’s front line. And it not only exploded, but took several boxes of ammunition with it!

Summary of the Andor finaleAmidst the chaos, Cassian slipped through the streets with a dazed bix… Pegla rescued a fallen bee… and Dedra was quite surprised to be rescued from a trampling by Syril.

Cassian took Bix to a salvaged ship at Pegla’s Shipyard where Brasso, Bee, Wilmon, and Jeez were waiting. Cassian promised Bee and the others, “I’ll find you,” before sending them on their way.

Luthen drove his speeder back to the fondor and ordered his flight droid to start things up, after which he slowly turned to see Cassian standing behind him.

“You came to kill me,” Cass guessed. “You’re not making it easy for yourself,” Luthen remarked.

Summary of the Andor finale“I will now,” Cassian said, surrendering. “Kill me… or take me with you,” he added. And after barely a swipe, Luthen smiled, obviously glad that Andor was really joining in the cause.

Elsewhere in the finale, Mon Mothma took advantage of her eavesdropping ISB spy chauffeur to spread the idea that Perrin’s gambling habits are at the root of all accounting irregularities. We later saw her and Perrin presenting Davo Sculdun’s son with daughter Leida.

Finally, in a mid-credits scene, we learned what the six-armed Whatchamacallits the prisoners of Narkina 5 were assembling are: carpenters for panels for the walking Death Star’s ignitor!

https://tvline.com/2022/11/23/andor-recap-season-1-finale-episode-12-rix-road-funeral/ ‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1 Finale Episode 12 – Maarva Burial on Ferrix

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