Andy Cohen made a “big mistake” by not inviting Meghan Markle to watch the live experience

You probably missed your chance, Andy, but never say never – Megan Markle could come by. Andy Cohens In the recent book Daddy Diaries, he talks about passing on the Duchess of Sussex as a guest. she was a Real housewives from Orange County Fan and it sounds like their door is open to guests See what’s happening live. Of course, that was in her pre-Duchess days when she starred in Suits.

Since Meghan is now on everyone’s lips, it would definitely be better for him than for her if she were a guest. People are divided about the Duchess (I mean, partly like the Rea Sea), but everyone wants to talk about her and her husband Prince Harryand speculate about what they are doing. When you read what people have to say, it’s mostly opinions from those who don’t know for sure. Include the body language experts, the ninth cousins, and the film’s viewers Royal Coronation, and they’ll tell it like they know the royals (better than they know themselves). You don’t say it!

What does Suits have to do with it?

Why did Andy pass? According to his book, he had a strange flair for “Suits” when it aired. According to him, it looked like “a simulation of a television show… like it was taped and aired in a vacuum.” Um, Andy, that’s because it was a New York show and it was filmed in Canada. They were distracted by the “this ain’t New York” feeling.

If you’ve ever seen Suits, it seemed like some extra light fell from the sky because it acted like a photo filter. But the show was entertaining and Meghan (although I wasn’t a fan of Rachel Zane) played her role well.

We haven’t seen Meghan in a while. Most recently, we heard that she gained major corporate representation under her brand. And Harry, we saw him at the coronation last week as the ‘experts’ narrated his every move. So life is.

TELL US – WILL YOU READ ANDY’S BOOK? CAN YOU IMAGINE MEGHAN ON WWHL? Did you catch Harry at the coronation?

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