Ann Dowd’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ performance in Season 5 Episode 3

THE ACTOR | Ann Dowd

THE SHOW | Hulu The story of the maid

THE RESULT | “Border” (09/21/2022)

THE PERFORMANCE | An Aunt Lydia who has reached the end of her emotional bond is an amazing Aunt Lydia — and one we don’t see often. So we were tied when the relentless matron thought her favorite maid was about to die on this week’s episode. Dowd went for it and delivered one of her rawest performances yet in the show’s six seasons. We’re still thinking about it.

The Emmy winner had Lydia’s fear written all over her face from the moment she walked into Janine’s hospital room. Naturally, when she expressed her grief, it took the form of an excessive prayer. Dowd brought real desperation to Lydia’s begging for Janine’s survival, her words often choking as deep sadness and fear choked her. When Lydia negotiated with The Man Upstairs, Dowd cried in that uncompromising, painful, makes-your-face-hot way that flags someone at their very limit. Gosh, we can’t imagine what it took to get there. And my goodness, we were captivated by every second.

Against all odds, it seems Aunt Lydia is about to face an epic crisis of conscience after six years of drovers. And if Dowd’s performance on this week’s episode is any indicator of emotional reckoning to come (and perhaps a series order for the wills Consequence)? Praise be!

Andor BixAWARD | From the moment Bix Caleen slipped out from under the turbine, she was tinkering with figuring out what Cassian Andor wanted from her This Adria Arjona created a certain character within the time war of stars Universe. Arjona imbued Bix with plenty of guts – you bought her straight away as a seedy mechanic not averse to making illicit money – and yet you also saw the (semi-)soft side she has for Cass that she agreed has to set him up with her. secret friend.” Bix was a very Cool pickle, but Arjona’s best work came in Episode 3, when Bix learned that Corpos were on Ferrix to hunt down Cass… and that Timm, a welfare worker, had tipped off. As this realization crystallized, Arjona’s face flooded with a wildness mixed with disgust. And yet Bix retained enough affection for Timm to later roar as he was shot in front of her, trying to right a wrong.

Abbott Elementary Season 2 Premiere Quinta Brunson JanineAWARD | We can always rely on that Abbott Elementary School‘s Janine for being unrelentingly optimistic, but Quinta Brunson allowed a touch of sadness and self-doubt to creep into her character’s sunny mood in this week’s season two premiere. Janine was excited to start a new school year, but a recent breakup and money problems overshadowed her preparations, and Brunson buried Janine’s worries with a fake smile. However, she melted when her car was booted over unpaid tickets and Brunson poured out all her fears in an emotional confession to her friends at school. Brunson still brought the funny side – Janine is an ideal straight man for everyone dept‘s crazy – but she also added a newly discovered vulnerability to Janine… and we were happy to hear all about it.

Ken Leung Industry Season 2AWARD | On Industry, Ken Leung stands out as a nervous executive whose intolerance of BS fuels the show’s fears. He delivered that and more in the Season 2 finale as Eric nurtured his small team with unwavering bravery and a hunger for opportunity. But when Harper admitted that she may have shared some inside information with a client, the actor’s demeanor turned serious, showing his character’s ability to overcome the toughest of hurdles. Later, when Eric and Harper blackmailed each other into forming a new division, Leung fired on all guns and spat out underhanded dialogue with aplomb. He spun once more, conjuring up a smoothness that surprised us as we approached this final shocker. Eric may be a financial savage, but he owes his effectiveness to Leung’s many talents.

Which performance(s) knocked your Socks out this week? Tell us in the comments! Ann Dowd’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ performance in Season 5 Episode 3

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