Apex Legends Update 1.95 Patch Notes today for Season 13

Respawn Entertainment will provide a brand new one Apex Legends Update for all platforms later today bringing the game to version 1.95 with the launch of Season 13: Saviors.

Today’s patch marks the start of a brand new season packed with new content for players to dive into. Season 13 brings a brand new Legend, a complete ranked play overhaul, and many changes. Although the update is scheduled to go live later today, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players can preload the update now.

The official release time for today’s update for the remaining platforms can be found here. In the meantime, check out the official patch notes Apex Legends Season 13 below, which contains the full list of changes included in update 1.95.

Apex Legends | Saviors Launch Trailer



Apex Legends | Saviors Launch Trailer






Apex Legends Update 1.95 Patch Notes for Season 13

Below are the official patch notes for the latest Apex Legends Update 1.95 rolled out to all supported platforms on May 10th, marking the start of Season 13: Saviors.



For years Newcastle defended the small town of Harris Valley and made it a safe haven for all who lived there. To complete this mission and continue defending his homeland, he must prove himself a hero among legends. In the Apex games, Newcastle can use his Knockdown Shield to protect his teammate when reviving him and even pull him out of harm’s way. He can charge into the fray with a Deployable Shield, blocking weapon damage and deflecting grenades while his ultimate builds a fortified castle wall.


Drag allies while resurrecting and protect them with your revive shield.


Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving shield of energy.


Leap to an ally or target area and strike to build a fortified fortress.


As this is the first map update for Storm Point, our goal was to add new content and improve map functionality without detracting from it. We’ve added a brand new POI; a washed ashore sea creature known as the Downed Beast – a unique combat experience for Apex Legends – an organic combat zone and a refreshing change from man-made architecture. Additionally, we’ve added a brand new PvE feature, IMC Armories, in four strategic locations on the map that can dynamically change the outcome of the championship. Be careful here, you’ll encounter waves of spooks, but if you survive you can earn sweet loot tailored to your gear.


The map rotation for the season for Saviors will be Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge. We’re also removing the longer 2-hour rotation block. We felt this might take too long considering it might span the entire play session for some people.


The updated Apex Legends: Saviors ranked system adds tier tiering, entry cost adjustments, and a ranked points overhaul to encourage team play. The current leaderboard goals revolve around Teamplay for Victory and Accurate Skills & Better Competition. We’re making a large number of changes focused on these two pillars, with the result that players will focus on playing as a team and playing to win, and RP will be a more accurate representation of your overall playability .


Fortified Legends

  • Reinforced no longer reduces headshot damage

manufacturing rotation

  • Flatline & Longbow come out and are now floor loot
  • Rampage & R-301 go into Crafter

Golden Weapons

  • EVA-8, Bow, Flatline, P2020, Spitfire

Helmet Buff

  • Blue Helmet headshot damage reduction increased from 40% to 50%.
  • Purple Helm headshot damage reduction increased from 50% to 65%


  • Headshot multiplier reduced from 3.0 to 2.0
  • Damage reduced from 145 to 140


  • Increased reload time from 2.6 to 3.1
  • Slightly longer processing times


  • Headshot damage multiplier reduced from 1.75 to 1.5
  • Headshot distance reduced from 64m to 57m
  • Overheat cooldown increased from 2.5 to 3.6
  • Slightly longer processing times


  • Damage reduced from 16 to 15
  • Headshot damage multiplier reduced from 1.75 to 1.5
  • Headshot distance reduced from 64m to 57m
  • Increased reload time from 2.8 to 3.2
  • Brew time increased from 0.7 to 0.8
  • Holster time increased from 0.65 to 0.75
  • Rise time increased from 0.55 to 0.65
  • Bottom time increased from 0.5 to 0.6


  • Improved recoil at the beginning of the pattern

double shell

  • Removed from floor loot and crafting packs

Mozambique & Peacekeeper

  • Limb damage increased from 0.8 to 1.0

crate weapons

  • Spitfire back to floor loot
  • Mastiff in crate


  • Damage reduced from 19 to 18
  • Purple & Gold Magazine capacity reduced from 55 to 50
  • Increased spread of crouched hip fire
  • Barrel attachment slot removed
  • Headshot damage multiplier reduced from 1.75 to 1.5
  • Headshot distance reduced from 64m to 57m
  • Increased reload time from 3.2 to 3.4
  • Brew time increased from 0.7 to 0.8
  • Increased holster time from 0.75 to 0.65
  • Rise time increased from 0.55 to 0.65
  • Bottom time increased from 0.5 to 0.6


  • Aggravated explosion pattern
  • Ammo capacity reduced from 6 to 4
  • Ammo supply: 28
  • Damage per bullet increased from 11 to 14
  • Increased pellet size
  • Rate of fire increased from 1.1 to 1.2

Cells & Syringes

  • Cell and Syringe spawn rates have been reduced by approximately 18%.

Wall improvements

  • Reduced Sheila’s spin-up time from 1.75s to 1.25s
  • Amped Cover health increased from 45 to 120
  • Amped Cover cast time reduced from 4.25 to 3.6


  • Can no longer freely spin on launch during Skyward Dive

Out of bounds

  • When leaving the borders, the following will be deactivated:
    • legend skills
    • Weapons, ordinances and survival items
    • Healing Items (Will not be canceled while healing)
    • All Active Passives (e.g. Valk’s Jetpacks)

edge of the world

  • Redesigned windows in Lava Siphon’s control tower to focus sightlines
  • Added additional cover around Lavasiphon’s lava pit
  • Gondola loot has been optimized. Significantly reduced the chance of finding high tier armor inside. Climatizer and Lava Siphon will remain high tier loot POIs



charge gun

  • Level 1: 200 → 150
  • Level 2: 200 → 150
  • Stage 3: 450 → 400


  • Base: 400 → 300
  • Level 1: 250 → 200
  • Level 2: 300 → 250
  • Level 3: 400 → 350


Bocek arch

  • Level 2: 250 → 200
  • Level 3: 300 → 250

Triple recording

  • Base: 600 → 500
  • Level 1: 250 → 200
  • Level 2: 300 → 250
  • Level 3: 400 → 300


  • Level 1: 150 → 200
  • Level 2: 250 → 350




  • Level 2: 250 → 200
  • Level 3: 350 → 300


  • Level 2: 300 → 250
  • Level 3: 350 → 300


  • Fix for players inside the Bangalore Smoke unintentionally getting aim assist on targets outside the smoke.
  • Fixed Valk being unable to use jump towers if she was previously shot down during her ultimate ability.
  • Fix for the volt animation for cases where the gun and crosshair have a shaky animation when the player is crouched.
  • Fixed cases where weapons and attachments could be dropped/switched while interacting with the loading tower, causing animation glitches.
  • Fix for the Curse of the Amazon Legendary Charged Rifle skin where the top of the weapon was blocking the camera view when aiming at sides.
  • Fixed cases where the user accesses the replicator and pulls up their inventory before the replicator UI is shown, they can drop their weapon and get stuck in a crouched position.
  • Canyonlands: Fix for cases where players could get blocked when trying to activate Valks Ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug where season trackers would no longer show what season stats they are tracking.
  • Fixed bug where Sentinel could charge instantly while jumping.
  • Xbox One: Fixed cases where players would sometimes have to skip the legend selection phase due to being stuck on the “Waiting for player” screen.
  • Fixed an issue where knocking out a player on an enemy team and then dying before the kill could result in the kill being awarded to another team instead
  • Arenas – Fixed issue where Boosted Loader was missing on Wingman.
  • Fixed issue with finishers not counting as damage for challenges.
  • Fixed bug where Purple Evo shields would glow through closed care packs, loot pins, and lifeline care packs.
  • Fixed cases where players could be killed by a death box if they came into contact with it while on an airship.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be killed when throwing a caustic barrel at an opening door.


  • Fixed cases where Crypto’s heirloom (sword) would appear to get stuck in the middle of his body while deploying his drone.
  • Fixed an issue where inspecting his heirloom with the Deadly Byte skin could show a missing arm texture.
  • Fixed cases where players could recall their drone immediately after activating their ultimate.
  • Fixed Crypto using his Legendary skin and becoming invisible while being revived by a Mirage, with the exception of his sunglasses which remain visible while reviving.


  • Fixed bug where using Fuse’s Tactical in water would cause the audio to become overwhelmingly loud.
  • Fixed an issue where players could extend Motherlode’s range when used on Flyers, Crypto’s Drone, Loot Drones, and Loba’s Bracelet.


  • Fix for cases where Horizons Ultimate disappears when the player opens a door next to it.


  • Fixed an issue where Wattson’s ultimate’s shield regeneration would reveal Mirage’s location if he was invisible during revive.
  • Fixed bug where Mirage’s decoys sprint faster when the player is armed with an item than when unarmed.


  • Fixed an issue where grabbing grounded Loot Rollers could cause the player to be thrown at high speed.


Custom Match replaces the previous Private Match system.

  • QOL improvements for custom matches:
    • User interface and design improvements.
    • Custom Game now saves team names and game settings when returning to the lobby from the game.
    • Match flow improvements.
  • Added new launch parameters to preselect viewer display targets.
  • Updated the color palette used by Observers when viewing teams (Map Overview + Highlights)
    • Also fixed the color duplication issue previously seen in the map browser
  • Updated “Team Eliminated” text with a unique color for anonymous mode in custom match.

More details below Apex Legends Update 1.95 can be found on the official EA website.

https://www.dualshockers.com/apex-legends-update-1-95-patch-notes-today-for-season-13/ Apex Legends Update 1.95 Patch Notes today for Season 13

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