Appeals court makes ‘extraordinary’ late-night claims in Trump Mar-a-Lago case

A DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled “unprecedentedTuesday night’s schedule surrounding Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago classified documents case, which requires responses from Trump attorneys by midnight and a Justice Department response just hours later at 6:00 a.m

The move concerns a request by Jack Smith, the special counsel appointed by the US Department of Justice to investigate Donald Trump’s possible misuse of classified documents, to have Trump’s attorney, Evan Corcoran, appear before a grand jury.

Smith found “compelling preliminary evidence” that the former president knowingly misled his own legal team into keeping the records after he left office, sources told ABC News on Tuesday.

Smith’s reported findings were mentioned in a sealed filing written by a former chief federal judge on Friday, the sources said. US Judge Beryl Howell, who resigned as chief justice of the DC District Court on the same day, reportedly wrote that Smith’s prosecutors “had shown prima facie that the former president committed criminal violations.”

Smith makes the application despite Corcoran’s attorney-client privileges, which are sometimes snuffed out in crime or fraud cases.

On Friday, Judge Beryl Howell ruled in favor of abolishing those privileges, forcing Corcoran to appear before a federal grand jury.

In her filing, Howell wrote that what Smith’s office found was sufficient to invalidate attorney-client privileges previously asserted by two of Trump’s attorneys, but did not constitute grounds to pursue charges against the former president.

However, according to reports from Politico, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday night temporarily stayed Judge Howell’s decision and requested a series of summary proceedings.

Three judges in the latest decision “required Trump’s attorneys to identify the exact set of disputed documents by midnight and to respond to Smith’s team by 6 a.m. Wednesday at Trump team’s request for an extended stay of Howell’s sentencing,” according to Politico .

Accordingly The guardS Hugo LowellCiting sources, Trump attorney Jim Trusty is working on appeals for the three appellate judges: Cornelia Pillard, Michelle Childs and Florence Pan – all of whom were appointed by the Democratic Party.

A Trump campaign statement blasted the situation, claiming “prosecutors only attack attorneys when they don’t have a case at all… These leaks happen because there is no factual or legal basis or substance to a case against President Trump.”

Politically Kyle Cheney However, reported that the order “made it clear” that the documents are at the heart of the case, “and the extraordinary speed of light at which the Court of Appeals is moving suggests there will be action at the Federal Court *tomorrow.” *”

According to MSNBC commenter Tristan Swift, the step was “completely outrageous”. He wrote on Twitter: “Normally this process would take MONTHS. Instead, they let the attorneys file everything in HOURS.” Appeals court makes ‘extraordinary’ late-night claims in Trump Mar-a-Lago case

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