Are you tired of being told you can’t command certain ships in Starfield? This is possible with this mod

It’s frustrating to put in all the work required to steal or hijack a ship in Starfield and then for some reason the game forbids you from getting into the pilot’s seat. Luckily, with a recently released mod, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

While Settled Systems law enforcement would prefer you use your hard-earned credits to expand your fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles, sometimes someone just leaves one lying around and it’s a crime not to take advantage of it. The modder ferrari365, who developed “Seizure Of Ships – Take Over Restricted Ships”, seems to fully understand this.

After installing the mod, they write this: “As long as the (restricted) ship has a cockpit and pilot seat that you can reach, you can (probably) take it over immediately and add it to your fleet for flying. Upgrade and customize like any other ship.”

Of course, there are a few additional boxes you need to check before deciding on your destination. The first of these is that it must actually be boarding in the base game, either from the ground or by docking while the spaceship is in orbit.

Secondly, you have to deal with the ship’s crew, assuming she has one and she isn’t too happy about you strolling through her airlock.

Finally, the modder recommends that you save your game before getting into the pilot’s seat of your new acquisition, just in case taking control interrupts the game or certain quests, which can definitely happen if you steal a ship UC Vigilance.

Because the message that you are not authorized to drive appears whenever you take the wheel of a vehicle that is subject to the restriction, you still know exactly when you are doing something that could cause problems. Last but not least, you should be aware that something might go wrong in your game so that you can quickly reload a save.

After all, stealing the ship from the friendly grandma who happens to drop by to offer you a tasty snack could have serious consequences.

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