Arnold Schwarzenegger traumatized daughter Katherine when she saw him half-faced on set when she was 1 year old

Having an action hero like a dad Arnold SchwarzeneggerAs you can imagine, his kids have seen plenty of wild behind-the-scenes moments over the course of his many years on the screen. Now he’s taking on his first TV lead role on Netflix FUBARSchwarzenegger has revealed how his daughter Katherine ended up in ‘freak-out town’ during a visit to the set Terminator 2: Judgment Day and see her father with half a face.

Schwarzenegger told the story CinemaBlend while talking about his new series, which is ironically about Schwarzenegger’s character and his daughter, who he finds out is a secret agent just like him. If it sounds familiar to you, then it certainly shares traits similar to Schwarzenegger’s True Lies, in which he kept his life as a secret agent a secret from his family. When it comes to his own family, it’s clear there have never been any secrets about what the actor does on set. He remembered:

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“I think that slowly they got in touch with it. Even when my daughter Katherine was about a year old, Maria brought her to the set and I remember she saw me with this half skull and blood running down and half human, you know, face. I mean, imagine a one year old baby seeing his dad like this! It was a crazy city. She started screaming and crying and freaked out. So, for them, this was stepping into a movie set. My kids would come to the set all the time and watch me blow things up, watch me kill countless people, shoot them and stab them and stuff like that – go over their bodies, blow up buildings. So that was it.”

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FUBAR brings Schwarzenegger to the small screen.

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Much like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a latecomer to the world of streaming TV shows, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for him to make a difference. FUBAR certainly has all the indications that this is going to be a classic Schwarzenegger outing, and who loved nothing more than watching Arnie fire guns, blow things up and occasionally appear confused, will be delighted by the eight-part Series unlikely to disappoint. FUBARShowrunner Nick Santora recently opened up about his lifelong love of Schwarzenegger action films and how working with the star was a dream come true.

“FUBAR is by far the most surreal project of my career. I grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger films – I asked my dad for a few bucks so I could run to the movies and see the biggest star in the world on the big screen – so it’s incredible to have the first script- Developing a television project for Arnold is exciting for me. I’ve always wondered how Schwarzenegger could be funny and kick ass at the same time… so I wanted FUBAR to be a hysterical CIA spy comedy with mind-blowing action! And that’s all – and more. I’d love to elaborate on that, but I’m sorry, it’s classified.”

FUBAR will be released on Netflix on May 25th.

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