Ashley Platz teases round two of Hailey and Beth Dutton’s showdown as Cole Hauser discusses Rip and Carter’s evolving relationship

Hi yellowstone Fans, it’s Sunday and you know what that means; It’s time to relax and tune in to the latest installment of the fifth season of the well-loved cowboy drama. The series, which follows the Dutton family, is a fan favorite for many reasons, one of which is that every twist and turn of the plot leads to more romance, misfortune and excitement. We tune in weekly to find out what’s in store for our favorite ranching family and how far they’ll go to protect or destroy each other depending on the day.

Speaking of mutual destruction, Ashley Platz took center stage in Tall Drink of Water as a woman surprised by Rip Wheeler’s all-encompassing sense of deliciousness. Everyone knows you don’t mess with Beth Dutton, or they should have known, because when Platz’s character Hailey tries to confront Beth after she hits her husband, our favorite Dutton firehouse hits her over the head with a beer bottle.

Tonight’s new episode will show fans what’s next for this story arc, while we also see what Carter and Rip have in store as they continue to build a relationship. You know the drill from here: it’s time to grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and your drink of choice because we’re about to head in.

Ashley Platz prepares fans for the second round of the showdown between Beth and Hailey

In Tall Drink of Water, fans meet a new character in the Yellowstone Empire, Hailey, and she’s brought to life by the talented Ashley Platz. The woman brave enough to put her hand on Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton’s husband, and then walk over to her like Beth was the problem; Hailey is not afraid of challenges. Of course, her bravery led to Beth putting her down on last week’s episode of Yellowstone, but Hailey isn’t done filming a scene just yet.

Taking to Instagram, Platz urged fans to prepare for the second round of the fight between the two women and we’re excited to see how this plays out. On the one hand, almost everyone in the room saw Beth’s perspective and most didn’t blame her for her actions; She was quickly arrested, however, and others thought she was out of touch in handling the situation.

Rip did try to tell Hailey not to go see Beth, but with the all-encompassing attraction of Rip clouding her mind mixed with the effects of alcohol, it was a recipe for disaster.

Regardless of what you think of Beth as a character, there’s a level of disrespect you just don’t show to anyone else, and meeting her significant other right in front of you is certainly on that level. We hope this brawl doesn’t end with someone going to the train station.

Cole Hauser on the changes between Rip and Carter

One of our most popular new additions to yellowstone was certainly Finn Little, who breathes life into Carter. When we first met him in the first episode of season four, we were greeted by a young man who had never really known love. Coming to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, he tested his boundaries and tried to figure out where he belonged. In season five, he has been adjusted and found a place to call home.

He’s also changed in stature and confidence, and Cole Hauser says that’s not all that’s developing this season.

Speaking to Taste of Country, Hauser notes that Carter and Rip’s relationship won’t change overnight, and that’s partly because of how Rip came into the Dutton family himself.

“It’s a slow burn. You know, Rip isn’t just going to open the floodgates and say, ‘Come on, little one.’ It’s always gonna be a little bit of tough love. But that’s how he was raised, and that’s how he was raised by John, and I think that suits his personality.”

While their relationship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it’s a sense of pride that Rip can teach Carter things, show him how to get around the ranch and what it means to be a real cowboy and how it’s done learn from a hard day’s work.

“I mean, the work ethic is tremendous. I think consistency of character. Loyalty, Honor, Friendship. There’s a lot of things he has. And also just being a great rider and understanding the country and where you are and where you fit into the ranch and the pecking order. We have a lot of things that are really juicy this year.”

With “juicy stuff” on the horizon, fans are excited to see what Carter brings to the table this season. We know Rip is strong, impactful, and insightful throughout the series, but Carter has also really stepped up his game. Not only has he changed in size and looks this season, but also in personality and he’s getting more confident by the day. While the ranch pecking order is already established, as Hauser noted, we’re confident that Carter will make sure to earn his ranch respect as the season progresses.

Find out more in the new episodes of yellowstone aired every Sunday night on Paramount. Ashley Platz teases round two of Hailey and Beth Dutton’s showdown as Cole Hauser discusses Rip and Carter’s evolving relationship

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