Austin Creed opens up about a salacious Wheel of Fortune moment

WWE wrestler Austin Creed, aka Xavier Woods, has opened up about his reaction to a wheel of fortune the candidate’s guess, which many found lewd.

During Monday night’s edition of the popular game show, professional wrestlers Carmella, Creed and Drew McIntyre were brought together with wrestling superfans as they competed in the opening episode of a tournament ending Friday.

At one point in the show, McIntyre and his contest partner Tracina Jones were tasked with solving a word puzzle in the “Fun & Games” category.

With just a few letters added—with the clue reading “_L_ _ _ _ _ _ _T_ _ _LLS”—Jones guessed the answer was “playing with balls.”

Austin Creed, Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune
Austin Creed, also known as Xavier Woods, is pictured direct on March 16, 2023 in El Segundo, California. Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is pictured in Orlando, Florida on October 10, 2017. Creed spoke about his reaction to a wrong word puzzle on a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune.
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for 2K;/Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

After Jones answered incorrectly, the camera panned to Creed and his playing partner Mike Bozzuffi, who giggled as they struggled to hold back their laughter.

Creed’s team eventually guessed the correct answer: “Playing with dolls.”

“You’re causing trouble,” smiled wheel of fortune Host Pat Sajak said quietly to Creed, prompting the Wrestlemania veteran to playfully protest, “What have I done?”

A clip of the moment was shared wheel of fortunes verified Twitter account with a direct address to McIntyre which read: “@DMcIntyreWWE come get your girl.”

Creed, who wrestles for the WWE brand SmackDown under the name Xavier Woods, answered to the tweet: “How should I have reacted?!?!?”

Cartoonist Kris Straub commented that Creed’s amused moment was “a [very] tasteful chuckle,” prompting the wrestler to reply, “Thank you, sir. I’ve definitely shifted a rib that’s holding it.”

For his part, McIntyre addressed the eyebrow-raising suggestion of his co-star on the show, tweeting alongside a laughing emoji, “Not quite sure where she was going with that.”

Wrestling has been something of a theme in recent episodes of wheel of fortunewith Sajak putting a contestant in a headlock on the show earlier this month.

Professional wrestler, who also works as an acting coach, Fred Fletcher-Jackson said he “loved” the moment Sajak grabbed him in the “chicken wing” move.

Fletcher-Jackson recently made it into the bonus round on a Hawaii-themed show where he correctly guessed “His mind is wandering” in the puzzle round to bring his total prize win to $75,800.

Overcome with emotion, he held his head in his hands and was congratulated on stage by his father, who had come to him, before Sajak ran to attack him. Even as a younger man with pro wrestling experience, Fletcher-Jackson admitted Sajak, 76, was strong and couldn’t get out of the hold.

“As a pro wrestler and as you know, a guy that’s in showbiz and as the guy that he put in that grip, I loved that moment,” Fletcher-Jackson told TMZ. “LOVE in capital letters. That was one of the biggest highlights of the show.”

Fletcher-Jackson addressed the criticism Sajak received online for his wrestling move, saying he thought the critics’ attitudes were “a little unfair”.

“I was the one who got put in the hold and I was totally fine with that,” he said. “In fact, I loved it. I don’t think they should be more upset than me because I was the one affected.

“If it’s not your sense of humor, you know, I can understand that… but calling it ‘cringe’ and calling for his resignation is a bit of a stretch.” Austin Creed opens up about a salacious Wheel of Fortune moment

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