Bam Margera ‘dying’ of drug abuse, brother says

Bam Margera’s drug abuse scares his older brother, who said the ‘Jackass’ star is ‘dying’ in an addiction crisis, criminal charges and ‘strangers’ enabling his behavior.

“I hope none of you ever get hurt like I did,” musician Jess Margera wrote in an Instagram Story over the weekend. “He’s dying and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Bam Margera is out on $50,000 bail following his arrest in a Philadelphia suburb last week on charges of aggravated assault, harassment and terrorism threats. Jess Margera said the arrest involved his brother hitting him.

The allegations sparked an angry exchange on social media between the brothers, with Bam Margera claiming his sibling “is being sued for defamation” over “the false allegations,” and Jess Margera responding on Twitter that his injuries could be serious and he legal action could take action itself.

“I could have permanent hearing damage from Bam’s desperate, lame ass little ‘attack’ while I was making coffee.” Jess Margera tweeted on Sunday. “If that’s the case, all of my band’s upcoming touring earnings will be sued and I’m gonna fucking win. I’m not a jolly enemy.”

Margaret in 2013.
Margaret in 2013.

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The CKY drummer added that he would donate all proceeds from the lawsuit to “mental health programs”.

He also addressed his brother’s alleged aides and singled out Bam Margera’s girlfriend, who was named in the arrest documents as a victim of a terrorist threat.

Following the death of co-star Ryan Dunn, Bam Margera’s addiction problems have plagued the other Jackass cast for years. Margera was famously left out of the group’s fourth film, prompting him to admit a “problem” and redeem himself.

Some of the actor’s supporters accused his brother of being overly dramatic. Jess Margera didn’t have it.

“All these strangers who don’t know Bam have to live with themselves in empowering him to die.” Jess Margera tweeted Monday. “But they are strangers. So I don’t think they will be affected like me, my parents or his son.”

“You’re just going to shrug and then move on to the next tmz guy on drugs,” he continued.

He also reflected on his own addiction issues, which he turned around in 2004 thanks to his daughter Ava.

“I found out about Ava and it scared the shit out of me.” he tweeted on Saturday. “A little man depends on me. I can’t shit. I’m so glad I chose to be a good dad instead of being a selfish fuck.”

Do you need help with addiction or mental health problems? In the US, call 800-662-HELP (4357). National SAMHSA hotline.

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