Bands Pan Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights,’ But Is She To Blame For Vinyl Delays?

Taylor Swift’s latest album midnight, was released Friday and shipped in multiple color versions in multiple formats – including four marbled vinyl versions in Moonstone Blue, Blood Moon Red, Mahogany and Jade Green. A lavender edition is also available in Target stores.

However, many indie bands have had to deal with delays of a year or more in releasing their albums – and some have accused bigger acts like Swift of skipping the line. But is Swift to blame for the delays in pressing the records?

Late Thursday night, Damon Krukowski of the bands Damon & Naomi and Galaxie 500 posted a viral tweet denouncing Swift’s multiple vinyl releases.

“Did you know that none of the rest of us can get vinyl pressed,” he said wrotenext to a picture of a billboard Article listing the different versions of midnight.

“The full cost of the Taylor Swift Vinyl Clock is 4 LPs x $29.99 + 1 clock set x $49 + the collapse of the independent music scene dependent on physical media sales,” he wrote in a follow-up thread.

Krukowski said that although Damon & Naomi’s latest album, A sky recordwas released in August 2021, the vinyl edition was only ready in July 2022.

“We also couldn’t plan when it would come — we just had to wait and react when it showed up,” Krukowski said news week. “Our distributor has given up estimating delivery dates at all – we’re guessing a year, a year and a half, nobody really knows.”

Krukowski added that he doesn’t know exactly how many times his band’s albums have been pushed back for bigger acts, saying, “We leave it to our distributor to take care of the day-to-day issues at the pressing plants.”

Taylor Swift Midnights vinyl shortage Damon Krukowski
Taylor Swift performs onstage September 20 during the NSAI 2022 Nashville Songwriter Awards at the Ryman Auditorium. Their album Midnights was released Friday in five different colored vinyl versions that some indie artists have planned due to delays in releasing their own albums.
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However, during midnight appears to be an example of multiple issues causing a jam, a source close to the record factory said news week that Swift’s album wasn’t rushed and she queued up. midnight was delivered to the works about seven months before release.

Big artists like Swift and Adele have been criticized for delaying vinyl from other artists. Swift’s 2021 album always sold over 100,000 vinyl copies on release date, breaking weekly sales records. Adeles 30 had pressed over 500,000 vinyl copies prior to release, it is said diversity.

While diversity says that too 30 was delivered to the works six months earlier, other artists could actually rush albums. Ed Sheerans = album had a three-month turnaround time, diversity reported, delivered in July 2021 for an October 2021 release.

Big labels can book slots in advance, even without necessarily shipping an album at the time – and then decide which high-profile releases will fill those slots. diversity said.

“It was like Tetris where we were trying to prioritize what we’re using the monthly capacity for,” said Mike Quinn, sales director for ATO Records diversity. “You could open a plant tomorrow and you would probably get a call from Universal next week trying to block capacity for the next few months. They try to go around and block as much as possible.”

However, smaller bands don’t have that luxury. They are forced to fill in the gaps between big label requests. However, Krukowski has a simple solution.

“Big labels need to reopen their own factories! Get out of the indie market!” he said news week. “This is all part of the consolidation of money and resources at the forefront of the industry. There is no room left for working-class and middle-class artists.”

In addition to the big labels blocking huge blocks of time in advance, there has been a shortage of vinyl pellets since March 2020, according to Industrial Specialties Manufacturing. And vinyl isn’t just used for records – it’s a popular material for floors, for example. According to Uproxx, although the COVID pandemic worsened the opportunities for sourcing the raw materials, demand was already increasing before 2020.

Physical media is making a comeback as a revenue stream for many indie bands. While streaming is the predominant method of listening to music, UK-based music PR firm Prescription says superfans will pay a premium to own music on CD, and increasingly on vinyl. Prescription encourages bands to put together limited-edition bundles of physical releases—for example, autographed CDs or bundles that include a poster and autographed photos.

But David Macias, who runs indie label Thirty Tigers, has been telling diversity that a vinyl release delayed by months beyond the album release date can reduce sales by up to 40 percent.

Out of frustration that his album couldn’t be released on vinyl at the same time as the digital edition, Krukowski said news week, He came up with a unique way to deliver a physical product to fans along with downloads.

“We were so frustrated with a digital-only release that we printed a book instead of an LP at launch – it’s like an elaborate set of liner notes that you would put in a box set. But there was no delay in the printing shop for that! We included a download code on the cover – people seemed to really enjoy that,” he said. Bands Pan Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights,’ But Is She To Blame For Vinyl Delays?

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