Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Episode 12 Summary

Below Deck Down Under ended last week with some dramatic scenes. Season 2 shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to the chaos aboard the Northern Sun. Much of this seems to be down to the deck team, now led by João. Will another big mistake force Captain Jason to ditch a member of the team? Here’s everything that happened in Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Episode 12.

The drop that broke the camel’s back

Summary of Below Deck Down Under
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Another big mistake makes Captain Jason “angry”. Whatever it’s worth, if you watch the footage again, it looks like Adam stops the anchor’s freefall before João arrives. Still, the mistake was made. He did not use the clutch before releasing the brake. Instead, he used a method reserved for commercial boats. Adam kicks himself in the ass but is certain he will never do the same again. The only problem is that he might not be given a chance.

João is very forgiving. He pleads Adam’s case with Jason, but it may be too late. “What level are we going to: ‘Okay, let’s get some experience here?'” he asks João. In the confessional, João states that he “would do more than Culver” if he spent two weeks with Adam. After watching this episode, I cannot disagree. All Barney Rubble seems to do is eat and throw a tantrum when asked for anything.

Captain Jason later tells Adam that he is “concerned”. Adam finds the speech “intense,” and I’m not surprised. The man is there to provide for his family; he needs this gig. It’s hard not to get excited about the guy.

There’s something about Margot

Summary of Below Deck Down Under
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Margot concentrates on her work but feels the cold shoulder from Harry. From the outside, he just seems like a gentleman giving her space after they’ve talked about where their relationship really stands. Still, it’s hard not to see them outdo each other, even if they’re just friends. Margot sees this as a deep incision. I would too if the boat ride was that inconvenient. Or maybe they were just being professional in front of the guests…

As guests enjoyed a diving excursion that looked absolutely gorgeous, João reminded Adam to keep showing initiative. At this point, that’s all he can do.

Later that same day, guests enjoyed a stunning meal in chic outfits. Everyone looked incredible – and Harry was even invited to have a threesome with two of the guests. Aesha joked in the confessional that he didn’t know what to do, but everyone knows to beware of the silent ones…

Will you? Won’t they?

Summary of Below Deck Down Under
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João and Tzarina have a lot of chemistry. João is a changed man and Tzarina feels unloved after being rejected by Culver in favor of Jaimee. Am I convinced that João and Tzarina would make a great couple? Not completely. But do I think they should try? Absolutely. João, bandaging Tzarina’s foot, sealed the deal for me. He cares about this woman. And if what he says about her friend — that she was just a one-night stand — is true, then maybe she gave the wrong impression.

However, Culver is causing enough drama for João right now. He doesn’t do a particularly good job on deck and shows little imagination and initiative. He replies and doesn’t seem able to take any criticism into account. When Captain Jason scolds the deck crew for keeping the tender battery on, Culver turns it off, but leaves the tender in a complete mess. When he’s halfway through his dinner, João tells him to clean up. He apologizes for preparing to do it at night while everyone is sleeping, but it backfires.

His thoughts are with Jaimee and his next yacht gig. He’s received a text message from a fellow captain who wants a deck team and stew for a charter in Barcelona. Culver thinks Jaimee would be perfect. He tells her and Jaimee feels a little suffocated. “I’m at a loss for words,” she says. “I’ve known Culver for less than a week.” Still, he feels an “instant connection.” I see no future here. Culver’s next meal will be humble cake.

The budgie breakfast from Down Under

Summary of Below Deck Down Under
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After guests requested a budgie smuggler breakfast experience, the crew indulged. Even Captain Jason got in on the action, borrowing a pair of Harrys to serve some brunch. Aesha’s words of wisdom must have struck a chord: “Everyone wants to see Captain McHotty’s package!” Fair point, well done. He looked amazing.

Meanwhile, Margot is shocked when Jaimee tells her about the conversation with Culver. “TOO SOON!” she says in an interview. “You must slow down! DOWN!” All the way.

Later, while the boat prepares to dock and set the guests down, the deck crew gets to work. All except Culver, who is more concerned with finding a blender for his morning shake. He gets so angry about it that he can’t find it that after giving a direct order over the radio, he almost scolds back at the Captain. João catches him and takes the opportunity to throw him under the bus.

During his briefing, he tells Jason about Culver’s bad behavior. For his part, Jason seems determined to let Adam go and bring in a senior deckhand to “shake Culver up”. João doesn’t think it’s the right move – but someone has to go home…

Below Deck Down Under continues Mondays at 8/7 on Bravo.


João Franco

Joao might be a good guy after all.

Summary of Below Deck Down Under

This could be Adam’s farewell.

Aesha Scott

Nobody walks the plank.

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