‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Season 3 Episode 12 Summary

Readers… readers, readers, readers. From where. Do. We. Even. Begin? There is so much to talk about. Was that a good episode? Definitely, but also darkside. I guess we can Dr. Put nipples and the like out of the way before we get down to meat and potatoes.

as dr Nipples and her husband told the crew they needed someone to pack for them, I was appalled but not surprised. No matter how much money I have, I’ll pack my own bags. I don’t want people rummaging through my personal belongings! And not because I think anyone will steal me. Nothing I own has monetary value! But because… it’s so weird? Just pack your own shit! I digress. However, I was shocked by the state of the main suite. I was floored and disgusted at how dirty and disgusting the room was. are you grown up And you’re only on board for three days? How do you get dirt all over the carpet? Why is Dr. Nipples slinging her bronzer all over the walls? If I spill my bronzer all over the wall, would it ruin my trip? I would probably cry with shame before searching the galley for a magic eraser and attempting to secretly clean it. This is also broadcast on television. Aren’t you embarrassed by how you come across to viewers? DEFINITELY NOT!

At least those garbage people tipped well! $20,000, so about $2,100 or $2,500 each. Captain Glenn says both numbers and I don’t feel like checking his math. Their last dinner isn’t an event, aside from Dino’s obsession with getting his paws on a Sapporo. Daisy is over his shit at this point. She tasks the Deckies with cross-referencing guests’ preference sheets before delivering the message to Ole Dino: No Japanese beer has been requested, and therefore there is no Japanese beer on board. Too bad so sad.

Okay, Scarlett the new stew is officially on board, and we Below Deckheads will be eating for the rest of the season. Shit is already out of joint. I want to get into their orientation and analyze how their addition affects the crew dynamic, but first we need to talk about the chaos that is Gary and Ashley.

Last week I wrote that I was hoping to get a confession from Gary about what happened to Ashley in Episode 10. We still don’t get anything that explicit, but this is what we get:

  • Scarlett asks Ashley if she’s single, and Ashley replies, “I can’t answer that,” when in fact she’s single as a Pringle. Strange.
  • On the way to dinner in the cab, Barnaby brings up Gary and Ashley’s “shag.” Gary replies that he didn’t shag her. Daisy then says, “Yes you did!” and Gary denies it again.
  • Meanwhile, in the other cab, Marcos asks Ashley, “You’re having sex with Gary?” She says, “Have I?” Scarlett seems shocked!
  • Back to Cab #1, Daisy: “He dunked it in and out.” Gary: “That’s like you take an ice cream cone and lick it off, did you eat the ice cream? No!” Daisy argues, yes, the calories still count. However, in this particular ice cream example, I side with Gary. Lick an ice cream cone ⧣ eat an ice cream cone.
  • The taxis reach their destination! Ashley pulls Kelsie aside and confides that she’s pretty sure Scarlett doesn’t trust her after finding out she “fucked” Gary. Kelsie tells her that her cab also talked about the connection and that Gary denied it. Ashley calls him a motherfucker. In her confessional, she hints that Gary is ashamed of her. This suggestion exhausts me. Maybe Gary is ashamed of her! It’s obvious he’s fed up with her. But Ashley won’t admit he passed out, and she wasn’t. Perhaps denying the connection is Gary’s way of dealing with feelings of being taken advantage of.

The situation only escalated at dinner. Ashley orders an espresso martini as soon as she sits down – and pairs it with a tequila shot – which sends a clear signal: Buckle the fuck up; what you are about to see will be painful.

Ashley repeatedly calls out Gary’s name, which he either ignores or doesn’t hear while flirting and giggling with Scarlett across the table. Ashley then warns the others that they will all see a “not good” side of her and begins drunken proselytizing: “You can deny it happened, but it happened…I remember more than.” [gestures at Gary] … Believe me, you wouldn’t deny it. He denied it. Trust me.” Barnaby and Marcos smile and nod.

Daisy and Scarlett go out for a smoke and Ashley continues preaching. Poor Kels even tries to intervene, but her attempts go unappreciated, and Ashley only digs her grave deeper by yelling at the dinner table, “I remember that damn penis was in my damn vagina.” She also calls Gary one Whore and repeats the penis line at full volume. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. Can someone save this girl from herself? At least Daisy tries and tells her, “Ashley, stop talking and just drink water.” Very solid advice! I will try to remember this in social situations.

The group takes two cabs home. Cab #1, made up of Daisy, Scarlett, Gary and Barnaby, is clearly the right choice, while poor Kelsie, Marcos and Colin are forced to listen to Debbie Downer herself the entire drive home. Ashley keeps booming and complaining about how Gary is making her look stupid by denying what happened. Colin, the voice of reason and the hottest person on board Parzival IIIHe tells her it makes her look dumber than the facts. Colin for President!

Back on board, Gary and Colin have a heart-to-heart talk across their bunks while Ashley drinks Don Julio from the bottle, which is just a sad and sad sight. She also casually announces that Gary thinks she’s a whore, and then chases him around.

However, the next scene is perhaps the most disturbing of the entire episode. Ashley shovels a pile of spaghetti into her mouth so big it takes her multiple tries to choke it all down. Scarlett says she can never look at spaghetti the same way, and Kelsie says she’s traumatized. Me too, ladies.

I know I said I’d move on to Scarlett, but everything about her pales in comparison to Ashley making a fool of herself. Ashley throws up in the shower, begs Daisy (repeatedly) to be named second stew, and even gets her ally Kelsie to confess to Daisy that she thinks Ashley is into one.

Daisy clearly signed up for a leadership course because she ignored Ashley’s requests for a promotion and relegated her and Scarlett to the same position: Junior Stew. That, plus the foretaste of Scarlett and Gary’s upcoming smooch, only means this isn’t going to end well.

• Thank you Marcos for representing those of us with bags under the eyes and claiming that bags under the eyes have a ‘European’ style.

• Congratulations to Kelsie on her first solid bowel movement in three days

https://www.vulture.com/article/below-deck-sailing-yacht-season-3-episode-12-recap-new-girl-aboard.html ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Season 3 Episode 12 Summary

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