‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Season 3 Episode 13 Summary

I dread writing this, reader. This episode was a nap, but still she (I) insists (writes the synopsis). I feel like I’m picking up someone else’s leftovers. It’s all unsavory! I think we can start with the Gary/Ashley/Scarlett triangle.

Gary “confronts” Ashley before the charter comes on board, meaning he says to her, “So, are we going to stop being childish, Ash?” before “joking” that they’re all (all Gary, Scarlett and Ashley) should just kiss and make up. He really wishes. Ashley sighs; Gary leaves. Done!

Scarlett and Gary undress Paige and Carl summer house Fame and snogging moments later in the pantry. I’m already bored! Colin puts it best: “In typical Gary fashion, Scarlett is the new girl on the block, so he’s trying out all his best moves, he’s pulling out all the stops. This guy… I can’t figure out how his brain works.” And if Colin, an engineer, can’t figure it out, I don’t think any of us can.

And at the same time I understand the Gary thing in a crazy way. I don’t understand enough to badmouth Teresa Giudice à la Ashley, but I understand enough that I would probably shamelessly flirt back with him à la Daisy.

And because everyone wants to know, here’s my take on Daisy’s feelings for Gary: Daisy is a smart girl. She sees Gary for what he is. Would she ever meet him? Yes, and she has. But she doesn’t really care about him like that. Scarlett says that she gets a “vibe” from Daisy, that she has a thing for Gary. This is objectively wrong! You have a bond, yes. They are friends. They have been working together in a very small space for years. Maybe she’s flirting with him, but it’s harmless fun. Let’s contextualize when, why and how Scarlett says this, shall we?

Earlier in the day, Gary insists to Daisy that he needs a stew as drink service when he takes guests out on the tender for snorkeling and swimming. He claims that having a stew on board makes it look more professional as he will be busy driving. Oh, and he also wants Scarlett specifically! Daisy’s bullshit detector kicks off as soon as she hears this: Why do you need a full ass stew to accompany you to a tender and pour drinks? This isn’t lunch on the beach! Your stews have work to do! Oh wait, it’s because he wants to flirt with Scarlett out at sea. That won’t work for Daisy. As she says in a confessional, “You have a reason to be here, and it’s bloody work.” Daisy says, Fine, Gary, you win, but I’ll be the stew that follows. checkmate.

Of course, Daisy does nothing on board… nothing but to prove her point. Her presence on the tender is useless, and she doesn’t pour drinks while the guests splash around. Okay, with that in mind I bring you to Part II.

As Daisy and Scarlett make beds and such, Daisy lets it rip. She is angry at Gary for going too far and trying to call the shots she Department. “Gary is just a nuisance all day,” she says. Zero lies detected! Mom is mad because she doesn’t stop. She smacks Gary for meeting up with one stew (Ashley), trading her for the next (Scarlett), and having the gall to call her, Chief Stew, unprofessional? Look in the mirror, buddy! It’s worth noting that I’ve never seen Daisy so disturbed! Some might say it’s because she has a crush on Gary and it’s finally getting to her. Maybe enemies of lovers? No, I say. It’s because he’s bloody annoying and makes Daisy more work. Anyway, Gary later apologizes to Daisy for arguing with her and admits it was petty. This behavior unsettles Daisy (and me), but she accepts his apology and moves on.

Ashley, on the other hand, was bad for Gary and I suspect she still is – despite her attempts to hide it. However, I do commend Scarlett for being straight with Ashley. Scarlett pulls Ashley aside to let her know that Gary is coming her way. “Does it disturb you?” Scarlett asks. Bold step! Ashley just isn’t good enough as an actress to convince us viewers that ‘Garlett’ doesn’t bother her, but she tries, bitter as she is.

OK, enough with that! To the charter. Lead guest Keely Washburn joined us last season, and my mind completely blacked her out, for better or for worse. I can’t remember anything about her or her friends, but I found out that she used a photo of her on board, which appears to be the one Parzival III commemorating 9/11 on Instagram. Her friends have a number of dietary restrictions that are neither here nor there, other than requesting a ten-course meal. Poor Marcos cut his work out for him! Poor Marcos also has to deal with a guest who only addresses him in bad Spanish and with a weird (and racist?) accent? No problem, he says; He is simply there to fulfill your cooking fantasies. The same guest compares his green bean tempura to a dish at PF Chang.

Speaking of which, these diners appear to have the world’s mildest palates. They are afraid to eat duck and quail eggs but manage to choke them. Don’t worry, dear ones, you’ll soon be back in the land of safe food.

At least Captain Glenn has us, the audience, in mind when he proposes a race against us La Cattiva, another yacht he spots across the water. I salivate at the thought of our dear Captain Glenn in action, slicing across the water and setting his majestic sails to the wind. This image of a dizzying Glenn at the racetrack will keep me fed until next week, and it has to! We can’t see the race. Instead, the episode ends with a “To be continued…” and readers, I have high Expectations.

• Ashley’s “junior stewart” chyron was too good. Thank you producers.

• Marcos pretending to knock on the boys’ door to make Gary think Scarlett is waiting for him outside? Gold.

• Glenn in a glittery bobble wig is everything.

https://www.vulture.com/article/below-deck-sailing-yacht-season-3-episode-13-recap-budding-boatmance.html ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Season 3 Episode 13 Summary

Lindsay Lowe

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