Best Cheap VPN in September 2023 (UK)

The best VPNs are not necessarily the most expensive. Some of the best VPNs are actually really affordable, which is good news for anyone wanting cheap online security, privacy, and advanced streaming options.

If you’re looking for a premium VPN with advanced features at a great price, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some inexpensive options for absolutely everyone, and you don’t have to compromise on security, connection speed, customer support, or anything else.

But first we need to discuss a few things.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide valuable protection for your data and identity when navigating the online world. How do you do that? VPNs offer online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network that hides your real IP address and makes all your information unreadable.

All your activities are untraceable and safe as your online traffic is passed through an encrypted tunnel. Everything in the tunnel is protected from online threats like viruses, hackers and malware. VPNs are primarily designed to provide online security, but there is another reason millions of people use these services.

VPNs can also be used to stream movies and series from around the world, and the process is actually quite simple. We’ve already mentioned how VPNs offer anonymity by hiding your real IP address. Well, this technique can also be used to manipulate the streaming market. By hiding your real IP address and connecting to a server in a different location, you can trick your favorite streaming sites into thinking you’re based in a different country. This gives you access to all the additional content that would normally be restricted in your location.

Should You Use Free VPNs?

The question everyone wants an answer to is whether you actually have to pay for a VPN. There are many free VPNs out there, but do they offer the features you need to surf, shop, and stream safely? Unfortunately, free versions often come with a catch (usually in the form of limiting your data usage or connection speed).

Casual users will likely be happy with a free VPN, but if you stream or download regularly, you should look elsewhere. The only exception to this rule is a free trial. These are available without restrictions but obviously don’t last long. PureVPN offers one of the best free trials, but that’s not a long-term solution.

The bottom line is that the best way to backup your data and stream more content from around the world is with a paid subscription. The sad fact is that you have to pay to get access to advanced security features with no usage restrictions. That’s not all bad news, though, as there are plenty of cheap plans out there, especially if you’re willing to commit to a longer contract.

What should you consider before subscribing to a VPN?

Actually choosing a VPN can be very difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Most of the best VPNs offer many of the same features with similar packages, so it’s important to know what’s important.

To make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a few things to consider before making a decision:

network size and location — The best VPNs offer a large network of geographically diverse servers. The more servers (and server locations) a VPN offers, the more likely you are to find a reliable and fast connection. This is especially important when streaming as well, as you should always be able to connect to a server in the country with the content you want to watch.

trustworthiness — We recommend finding an experienced provider with a strong track record and a clear privacy policy. It is important that the VPN of your choice guarantees that your data will not be logged or collected. If it is not clear what will happen to your data, you should stay away from it.

jurisdiction — It’s a good idea to look for VPNs based in the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Switzerland, and other privacy-friendly countries. VPNs based in countries that fall under the jurisdiction of information sharing alliances should be avoided: US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain. VPNs in these countries can be forced by authorities to collect and share user data.

Customer service — VPNs can be difficult to understand if you are not an experienced user, and problems can arise even if you are. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or not, customer support is key to addressing any issues that may arise. You should also think about whether customer support is offered via phone, email, or web chat.

Make sure you review these features carefully before choosing the VPN that suits you and your lifestyle. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can start looking for the best deals.

What is the best VPN?

We’re sorry that your bubble burst, but there is no VPN that beats all the others. The best VPN for you really comes down to personal preference. Once you’ve found a few options that suit your needs, you need to consider the best deals.

We’ve turned to partners to bring you market-leading VPN subscription pricing, with performance and security at the forefront. All of these VPN services have been carefully selected not only for the prices and deals they offer, but also because they offer all the essential features to protect your online data and identity.

There are also plenty of services on this list to consider if your priority is unblocking streaming sites like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. Online safety should always be a priority, but we know many subscribers use these services to unlock more content from around the world. We understand and are here to help.

These are the best deals on cheap VPNs in 2023.

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