Best Lee Jun-ho TV Shows and Movies, Ranked

Lee Jun-ho He has been known for his diverse talents over the years, but he actually first rose to prominence in the Korean pop band 2PM. 2PM was a huge success among the second generation of K-pop groups and is still active today, although Lee, like several other members of the group, has expanded his skills into the acting world. Lee, who debuted with 2PM in 2009, first had an acting role in the film in 2013 Cold eyes, and from then on it’s history. After being praised for his acting skills in this film, he continued to be cast in not only films but also dramas, getting the coveted male lead role that many want in several dramas.

But it wasn’t until 2021 that Lee began to truly receive praise for his acting. After being cast in the lead role of The red sleeve, he would become the first idol actor to win some of the biggest acting awards in the Korean entertainment and drama scene. Although Lee has been active in the Korean entertainment world for over a decade now, his filmography continues to be selective, leaving fans wanting more. His most recent work was at Netflix King of the country, in which he worked with fellow idol actor Im Yoon-ah. Still, these are his best shows and films to date before upcoming projects land on your screen.

12 Good manager

Good manager
KBS drama production

Despite being a drama that many predicted would fail during its run, Good manager was a big surprise when it managed to achieve good ratings throughout its domestic run. The 2017 series is set in a company where the protagonist, an accountant who works for a gangster, eventually gets a good job there. And most importantly, he will be the head of the accounting department. He decides to embezzle money from the company, but is unaware of the emotional connections he will make in the process, which makes him feel guilty about what he is about to do.

11 Twenty

Next entertainment world

A film that came out in 2015, Twenty The film stars Lee Jun-ho, Kim Woo-bin and Kang Ha-neul as three young men who grow up and realize that life is hard. Each of them is completely different – one hangs around, the other wants to be an artist and the last just wants to do well in school – but because they are good friends and try to get through life together, they support each other the most End of the day. The film is a comedy, and when life gets tough, the three get through the day with some humorous situations sprinkled throughout the narrative.

10 Cold eyes

Cold eyes
Zip Cinema

A film that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, Cold eyes also served as Lee Jun-ho’s acting debut. A woman with a photographic memory is hired at a police department and discovers that her new job involves surveillance rather than police uniforms and a job she originally had in mind. Your first task in this job involves a group of robbers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the leader of the group decides to kill someone and then escape to another country and it won’t be that easy to find him .

9 The Terror Live

The Terror Live

Directed by Kim Byung-woo The Terror Live, in which Lee Jun-ho appears as the film’s narrator in some versions. Ha Jung-woo portrays a former top news anchor who finds himself at the bottom of the barrel after an incident. One day, when he receives a call telling him that there is a plan to blow up the Mapo Bridge, he slowly realizes that this is no joke and that the bridge will collapse. But instead of telling the police, he decides that this will revive his career and decides to report it.

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8th Homme Fatale

Homme Fatale
JYP images

A film that came out in 2019, Homme Fatale imagines what it would be like if a man wanted to take on a role traditionally reserved for women. The main character is Heo-saek (Lee), a man who dreams of becoming one kisaeng – a role that only women played in the Joseon Dynasty, and when they became kisaeng they were considered to be at the bottom of society. Despite the challenges and with the help of a woman, together they will make their dreams come true.

7 confession

Studio Dragon

A legal drama with a flair for dramatic storylines, confession was released domestically back in 2019. Lee Jun-ho portrays Choi Do-hyun, who, after witnessing his father being wrongly accused of murder, decides to seek out a lawyer about it. In the end, he becomes a lawyer who investigates the circumstances of his father’s case, and when it comes to that, he knows that he will fight in his father’s name against the enemy that is right. Although confession It is not usually considered the most popular Korean drama by many, however, it has been greatly underrated in the Korean drama world since its release.

6 Wok of love

Wok of love

In Wok of love, which aired for one season in 2018, sees Lee Jun-ho as Seo Poong, a man who worked his way up from the bottom. He was a small man who worked in a hotel kitchen and managed to become a top chef in a hotel. At the start of the series, he becomes co-owner of a small restaurant after his fame and success are taken away from him overnight. Together with an heiress and a former gangster, they will change the fortunes of this restaurant for the better. Wok of love is a pretty decent Korean drama, especially for those who love that elements of food are incorporated into the plot of the series as a whole.

5 Memory

MI Co., Ltd

Before Lee managed to rise to the top and become a leading actor in the world of drama, he was part of the supporting cast of the 2016 series Memory. Lee Seung-in plays the lead role of a mother who is slowly losing his memory. Despite this, he tries to hold on to the life he has built with family, career and relationships and will do anything to preserve what he has so far. Lee Jun-ho briefly plays a supporting role in the drama, although the drama didn’t do too well in terms of ratings.

4 Rain or shine

Rain or shine
Celltrion Entertainment

Lee Jun-ho stars in the 2017 drama Rain or shine, which was the first time Lee received a lead role in a drama. The series is about a tragic accident in which almost fifty people died and the survivors and families of these people grieve over the circumstances that occurred. It focuses on the lives of two people affected by the accident and how they moved on with their lives despite the trauma from their past. Over time, the two fall in love and help each other heal.

3 Memories of the sword

Memories of the sword
TPS company

Lee Byung-hun, Kim Go-eun and Jeon Do-yeon are some of the big names associated with the 2015 film Memories of the sword, which combines action, romance and historical genres into a pretty entertaining film. In the Goryeo period, three swordsmen lead a rebellion only to be devastated by betrayal. Several years later, one of them, despite having moved on with her life, has a daughter who sets out to seek revenge for her murdered father, who was one of the original three swordsmen. Park Heung-sik wrote and directed the film.

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2 King of the country

King the Land poster

A 2023 release on Netflix, King of the country plays on several of the classic tropes of Korean dramas, including the rich-poor theme that appears in many major Korean dramas. Lee Jun-ho portrays Goo Won, a rich heir to a hotel chain who is in a power struggle with his family members. When he meets a smiling receptionist named Cheon Sa-rang (Im Yoon-ah), he initially despises her fake smile but eventually falls in love with her while they work together at the hotel. During the entire run King of the country became more and more popular and the ratings improved with each episode.

1 The red sleeve

Lee Se-young as Seong Deok-im and Lee Jun-ho as Yi San

Lee Jun-ho’s role in The red sleeve gave him great recognition as an actor in the local industry. In a historical drama, he portrays Yi San, who would later become king named Jeongjo. As he struggles with the trauma of his father’s death and is a perfectionist, he decides to often throw himself into his work as King of Joseon. However, when the Noble Consort Ui enters his life, it will upend his strict vows of focusing solely on professional duties and teach him to integrate love and open his heart, despite the pain it causes could.

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