Best Possession Horror Movies To Watch, Ranked

The Exorcist has long held the title as the scariest possession horror movie ever made and all the films that followed it couldn’t measure up in the eyes of some viewers. Accordingly cave of geeks, There will never be a scarier one than The Exorcist. However, films are fit for their time and over the last decade the horror subgenre that showcases demonic possession has gotten quite creative in terms of the narrative that goes into these films. The bad death The franchise is a great example of a series of films that confront their own demon, offering both pure horror and hidden comedy.

A common misconception about possession movies is that a demon has to live in a human’s body, and an exorcism always seems to be the solution. Contrary to popular belief, there are many other ways to become possessed by something that isn’t straight out of Hell, and not every soul has the ability to be saved. From hellblood rain to possessed items, here are some of the best possession movies to watch next.


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10 Christine

Christine 1983
Columbia images

Christine is a 1980s horror film that was adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name. The film was released in December, just eight months after the novel hit shelves. Christine It centers on an unpopular teenager named Arnie (played by Keith Gordon) who buys a 1958 Plymouth Fury. The more time Arnie spends in and around the car, the more obsessive he becomes and his entire behavior changes drastically.

One night after his car was destroyed by one of Arnie’s bullies, the Plymouth Fury recovers to its perfection right before Arnie’s eyes. Although Christine IsIt’s one of the least terrifying examples of an obsession film and well worth a look for Stephen King fans and casual viewers alike.

9 demons


Like a lot of B-horror movies from the 80’s and 1985’s demons has gained a cult following. Briefly, the plot is about a group of college students who attend a screening in a newly renovated movie theater. The film they are showing is a horror film and there is an identical mask prop in the foyer of the theater from which one of the attendees suffered a scratch.

Shortly after scratching, the infected Rosemary (played by Geretta Geretta) turns into a demon. She then begins attacking the theater’s other guests, turning them all into demons. No way demons Obviously scary, but for fans of movies like TheEvil Dead, The 80’s cult classic will hit a nerve. The mystery behind the possessed and the theatrical setting provide just the right amount of camp and body horror effects.

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8th Jennifer’s body

Megan Fox was obsessed with Jennifer's body
Fox Atomics

At the time of the film’s release in 2009 Jennifer’s body was considered a flop. The budget was $16 million and overall the box office took in just $31.6 million, with Megan Fox playing one of the leading roles. The film was criticized for a variety of reasons, including the touchless dialogue that comes with every Diablo-Cody film. But today Jennifer’s body experienced a kind of renaissance. Accordingly vox, Jennifer’s body has been rebranded as a feminist horror film and claims that if it came out today it would be a lullaby hit. The story is about a modern-day succubus who eats boys at her high school to feed himself and stay beautiful.

However, there is something much deeper to the film, most notably the relationship between two friends, Jennifer (played by Fox) and Needy (played by Amanda Seyfried). The two have a bond that hovers on the borderline between platonic and romantic, which also eluded critics when the film was first released. Once you shed the layers of intense dialogue, Jennifer’s body offers so much more than just gore and guts, making it one of the most entertaining obsession movies that doubles as a comedy.

7 night of horror

night of horror
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night of horror is probably one of the best kept gems of the 80’s and is number two collidersis one of the most bizarre horror films of the decade. When a corpse harboring a dangerous space slug is released by two clumsy friends, chaos ensues on a university campus. The snails will worm their way inside and burrow into your brain, making you a member of their undead army while taking control of your nervous system. They own you until they become you, but on the contrary Invasion of the Body Snatchers And The faculty, They zombify you instead of keeping your human form.

night of horror encompasses every aspect of 80s horror there is to love. The campy dialogue and overall comedy make sure to pair well with all the space blood.

6 the faculty

The Faculty Film
dimension movies

the faculty is your average 90’s horror film and reads similar to films like Scream And I know what you did last summer. The big difference between this group of teenagers and the other films is that one by one they are picked up by an alien force that is trying to enter a human’s body. As the group tries to find the “queen bee” behind the infection, they question each other’s nature. the faculty is a tribute to both the thing And invasion of the Body Snatchers, and is a bold attempt to revive a previously told story.

5 The incantation

the summoning
New Line Cinema

The incantation The franchise is based on the cases of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The success of the first film spawned two sequels and launched the so-called film The incantation Universe, a series of films based on paranormal beings from the series. To date, The incantation is the number one grossing horror franchise of all time. Overall, the original trilogy has fairly high ratings from both critics and audiences.

The incantation, Similar to the film’s predecessors, it’s about a family who put all their money in a house that ends up being haunted. The entity in the Perron family home attempts to possess the mother figure and then murder her children. The film has all the hallmarks of possession and exorcism, and even uses mostly practical effects.

4 insidious

Patrick Wilson in Insidious

James Wans insidious connects a familiar connection to him incantation series, starring Patrick Wilson in a leading role. However, insidious and the following films are more committed to the belief in “the further” than to the alleged true cases of Warren. Best known for its irritating use of sound and music, the film is considered one of the scariest horror films featuring demonic possession.

How The incantation, insidious has its own universe that branches into stories following paranormal guru Elise Rainier (played by Lin Shaye). These films serve as prequels as she is killed in the first film. For fans of the series, there is great anticipation for the fifth installment in the franchise, which will catch up with the Lambert family ten years after the events of the second film. Insidious: The Red Door is scheduled to hit theaters in July 2023.

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3 Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Donald Sutherland screams and points his finger in Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978
solo film

Overall, not counting the movies loosely based on the story, Invasion of the Body Snatchers has been reinterpreted four times. The 1956 film was adapted from Jack Finney’s science fiction novel entitled The body snatchers. However, the 1978 remake is one of the few films that is considered better than the original.

This celebrity retelling, while slow at first, pays off immensely based on the final scene alone. Hysteria, paranoia and fear of the unknown are equally no strangers to horror films. Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers is an obsession premise like no other in its field and the people in the film’s group strike silently, which makes it all the more terrifying.

2 Scary

The supernatural horror film Sinister (2012)

Scary is a film that lives up to its title. Every year, UK-based entertainment provider Broadband Choices ranks the scariest films based on scientific evidence. In 2020, the vendor determined the film was directed by Scott Derrickson in 2012 Scary was the outstanding winner. Their metrics are based on a variety of aspects used in the making of a film, and their data is collected by monitoring their volunteers’ heart rates.

Still, most viewers agree Scary not realizing that this is actually an obsession movie. The evil being Bughuul, better known as the Child Eater, takes possession of a child through Super 8 films in order to trick that child into killing his families. Despite the demon’s overtly terrifying nature, the film disintegrates into fragments of the Super 8 films that crime writer Ellison (played by Ethan Hawke) has to endure.

1 The bad death

Ellen Sandweiss in The Evil Dead.
New Line Cinema

When it comes to obsession movies, it’s hard to discredit the work of Sam Raimi’s 1981 cult classic The bad death. The film offers a slew of brilliant practical effects and a patently chilling premise. When Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) and his four friends venture into the woods for a night of fun in a secluded cabin, their luck changes quickly when they find an ancient book called the Necronomicon. Once they read the book out loud, the group unknowingly awakens an evil force that takes them out one by one.

The sequels based on the original tended to focus more on horror comedy, while the 1981 film is considered one of the scariest movies of the ’80s. Despite the 2013 remake of the same name and the new 2023 episode Evil Dead Rise, The Evil Dead is often a forgotten gem among casual viewers. Comparing movies about demonic possession, it’s almost impossible not to bring it up The bad death and the deadJoin the conversation, which is why it’s our top pick for obsession movies to watch next.

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