Best Rachel McAdams Romance Movies ranked by their chemistry and love interest

There is nothing better than falling in love. The romance The genre is one of the most timeless that there is in film. From a heartbreaking breakup montage to a big kiss in the rain, making love on screen is an art mastered by some of the best in the business today. For a romance film to work, the characters must have a certain appeal that makes the audience happy. Well, nobody does it that way Rachel McAdams.

McAdams has definitely established himself as one of the main faces of the romance genre. No matter who she shares the screen with, if it’s a romantic relationship, sparks are sure to fly. She’s likeable, her characters are complex and relatable, and the chemistry between her and her co-stars is great. From the love film of all love films The notebook to newer rom-coms like Alohahere’s how we ranked McAdams’ romance films based on their chemistry and love interest.


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9 Aloha

Aloha: Watch the first 8 minutes with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone
20th century studios

Aloha Bradley Cooper’s character has a crush on McAdams’ character. How perfect. Aloha is a romantic comedy that came out in 2015. In this film, Brian, a military contractor, travels to Oahu and rekindles an old relationship with Tracy, played by McAdams. However, not everything can be so simple. Tracy is married and Brian also develops feelings for fighter pilot Allison Ng (played by Emma Stone).

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8th Everything will be fine

Everything will be fine-2015 (1)
New road movies

McAdams is the kind of actress who can have chemistry with any actor she works with. The German-Canadian-Swedish love drama Everything will be fine is just one of many. McAdams stars in this film alongside James Franco. Franco plays troubled Tomas Eldan. When Tomas accidentally kills a child, his life is thrown off balance, including his relationship with his girlfriend Sara, played by McAdams.

7 Midnight in Paris

Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris
Sony Pictures Classics

Midnight in Paris is a fantasy romance film that was released in 2011. This film has a rather quirky plot that makes McAdams and Owen Wilson perfect for their roles. In this film, Wilson plays an aspiring writer named Gil. Gil is on a trip to Paris with his fiancĂ©e Inez (McAdams) when he is transported back in time to the 1920s every night at midnight. He soon falls in love with this period and its art and music, so that his current life doesn’t seem as appealing as it used to be.

6 wedding crasher

Rachel-Mcadams-Wedding-Crashers (1)
tapestry films

Wilson and McAdams did it again. With these two in a romantic comedy, they really are a sight to behold. wedding crasher came out in 2005 and follows Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) and John (Wilson) who are certified wedding crashers. However, at a high-profile wedding, the pair made it their mission to make the most of the event. There, John develops a close bond with his bridesmaid, Claire (McAdams). Both Wilson and McAdams are dynamic actors in different genres and when you bring them together you get something like ” wedding crasher.

5 The vow

Screen Gems

Promises are made and should not be broken. Throughout his career, Channing Tatum’s motto has always been “heartthrobs”. Set him up with the queen of romance, Rachel McAdams? Count us all! 2012s The vow has the best romance anyone could ask for. We follow Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) at the height of their simple and passionate marriage when tragedy strikes. Due to an accident, Paige cannot remember the last years of her life, including the existence of her husband. Would their love prevail despite the new obstacles that stand in their way? Tatum and McAdams have something special in this heartbreaking love story.

4 The wife of the time traveler

Time TravelerWoman (1)
New Line Cinema

2009 brought us the couple between Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana in the sci-fi romance The wife of the time traveler. If you are a fan of romance movies in general, The wife of the time traveler is a good choice for any occasion. In this film, Henry (Bana) travels through time uncontrollably. When he meets his soulmate in Claire (McAdams), their relationship becomes even more complicated as he keeps moving through time into different stages of their relationship and they just don’t seem right for each other. Chemistry is a must with a plot like this, so it’s no surprise that McAdams and Bana are in sync, even if their characters aren’t.

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3 disobedience

Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams in Disobedience
Bleecker Street

While this movie might not be the first that comes to mind when we mention Rachel McAdams romance movies, don’t overlook it. In 2017, McAdams and Rachel Weisz co-starred in the romance drama disobedience. This is a case of forbidden love that has existed since childhood. The two women get back together, rekindling the chemistry they had when they were younger and now exploring love and lust as adults. McAdams and Weisz took these roles naturally and as an audience we believed in every second of it.

2 Over time

Over time
Universal images

Mixing some supernatural elements into a romance film is one of the best decisions ever made. In 2013, McAdams teamed up with Domhnall Gleeson Fantasy romance film Over time. Over time is quite a masterpiece. The film follows Tim (Gleeson), a young man who discovers that he has the incredible ability to travel through time while learning to correct some of his past mistakes and piece together the future he has always wanted . On this journey, his paths cross with Mary (McAdams) and they begin to navigate life together. McAdams and Gleeson strike the perfect balance of charm and charisma that ensures there is never a dull moment in their love story.

1 The notebook

Gosling and McAdams - The Notebook
New Line Cinema

Sitting at the top of the romance film throne is the same as ever The notebook. The notebook is the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Nicolas Sparks. The film came out in 2004 and formed the basis, so to speak, for every love film and every real love experience afterwards. The film follows Ally (McAdams) and Noah, played by Ryan Goslingwho have a whirlwind romance in the summer when their social status, physical distance and life path separate them.

The two are not kept apart for long as their lives intersect again. Gosling and McAdams create magic on screen with their portrayal of passion, love and unrelenting tension between their two characters. Fancy pure romance? This is the right movie for you.

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