Best Taiwanese Romance Dramas, Ranked

Dramas are very popular throughout Southeast and East Asia, especially those from certain countries. While South Korean dramas have become popular around the world, be it the likes of the Netflix original series Squid Game or a love show like crash landing on you, a major industry for Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese TV broadcasts, has opened up new avenues. Outside of mainland China, historical dramas are popular with global audiences. They not only teach viewers about Chinese history and customs associated with the dynasties, but also about the costumes. But in Japan and Taiwan, romance dramas have become a staple of viewers.

In the 2000s and early 2010sSome of the most popular love actors in Taiwan have been in bands or as singers, leading to the popularity of what have been dubbed “idol dramas.” These are popular abroad and the dramas are often aimed at a younger demographic as their main actors are often young as well. Taiwanese dramas often resemble Japanese and Korean dramas due to the type of tropes used and the situations the characters find themselves in. However, these are the best Taiwanese love dramas.

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9 fall in love with me

fall in love with me
Eastern Shine Production Co

fall in love with me features one of the most popular actors in Taiwanese drama and a former idol: Aaron Yan. He stars alongside Tia Lee, a fellow musician who is active in a girl group, and has received numerous awards for his acting and content. Yan is Lu Tian Xing, a star in advertising who announces at the beginning that he will take a short break in the industry. He meets a woman named Tao Le Si and adopts a false name to hide his identity. He joins her ad agency to help her, but leads them down a completely different path.

8th Attention, love!

Attention, love! pour
Three Phoenixes Production Co.Ltd.

Released in 2017, Attention, love! In the lead roles, Joanne Tseng and Prince Chiu are two soul mates. Her parents are best friends, meaning the two knew about each other, but the boy, Li Zheng, actually grew up in Japan. Eventually he returns to Taiwan and the two meet for the first time since childhood. At first glance, the two should never date. They are complete opposites, one being stoic and the other outgoing, and their personalities clash. But as they spend more and more time together, a romance develops.

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7 Only you

Only you cast
Eastern Shine Production Co.

Only you is an idol drama. Aaron Yan and Puff Guo star in this 2013 TV show. A germphobe (Yan) moves back to Taiwan from New York City and wants to buy his childhood home for nostalgia. However, it won’t be easy because the current tenant (Guo) doesn’t want to leave what she has now made her home. The two soon find they work together, which becomes a problem when office romance is banned. The two dig deep into their relationship, which complicates things even further.

6 behind your smile

behind your smile
I Production Co.Ltd.

Marcus Chang leads behind your smile, a 2016 release that’s quite underrated in the world of East Asian romance drama. He portrays Zhao Yiting, a man seeking revenge on someone else. Zhao seems emotionless in his everyday life and is driven to this goal because the person he seeks revenge on caused him to lose his father. When the woman’s daughter returns home and learns that her mother has abandoned her, Zhao takes her in, intending to get revenge on her. What happens in the end could be the exact opposite of that, as he ends up falling in love with her.

5 Sometime or one day

Cast of
Three Phoenixes Production Co.Ltd.

Alice Ko stars Sometime or one day as a woman whose deepest desire is to once again see her boyfriend who died in a plane crash. Unable to go on, she tries to reach his cell phone every day even though she knows he is gone and is surprised that one day she receives a package from an unknown person. She begins to dream that she is a girl from 1998 and quickly realizes that she is trapped in the past in someone else’s body – who may soon die if she doesn’t change his path.

4 Story

HIStory cast
Choco Media

Story consists of several seasons of a web series that is quite innovative given the type of content that appeals to a wide audience. As an anthology series, each season features entirely new characters and storylines, and introduces driving conflicts relevant to the world in which they are set. However, there is one crucial element throughout: Story is an LGBTQ+ TV show that features relationships between the male characters. The series was a smash hit in Taiwan and abroad, earning praise not only for its writing style but also for the realistic characterization implemented throughout the series.

3 autumn concert

Guang Xi and Mu Cheng from the Autumn Concert
Sanlih E-TV

Released in 2009, autumn concert remains one of the best-known Taiwanese love dramas to this day. Ady An, Ann Hsu and Vanness Wu star in a story that brings lost souls together. Ren Guang Xi is a troubled law student who uses his status at school to harm other people. His paths cross with Liang Mu Cheng, a girl trying to escape an abusive domestic situation, and almost immediately the two declare each other’s enemies. autumn concert takes on the classic foe-to-lover theme in a way that evolves over the years and twists as new developments appear on the horizon.

2 Destined to love you

Destined to love you
Sanlih E-TV

Released in 2008, Destined to love you With a love story that is second to none, she immediately captured the hearts of the audience. The story begins when the wealthy and confident Ji Cun Xi has a one-night stand with the shy and kind-hearted Chen Xin Yi on a luxury family yacht. This chance encounter leads to a pregnancy that forces the two strangers to enter into marriage. Slowly and unexpectedly, the couple falls in love and adjusts to the forced marriage dictated by their conservative families.

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However, the arrival of Ji Cun Xi’s girlfriend presents the kind of test that would make or break their relationship: the test of the third party. Chen Xin Yi’s incredibly generous and selfless nature eventually brings out the best in her husband, who ends up refusing to be with anyone else. In the end, both learn that their first chance encounter was nothing more than fate that inevitably brought them together. This series’ realistic take on love and marriage made it one of the most well-known Taiwanese romance dramas.

1 moonlight romance

Cast of Moonlight Romance

not how Destined to love you, moonlight romance, The 2020 film starring Amber An, Edison Song and Sheng-hao Wen can’t be called realistic but still has the potential to be just as insightful and addictive as the other. After some troubles in paradise, the former god Li Yue comes to the human world and takes the name You Tianle. In order to survive, Li Yue must feed on other people’s energy. So he decides to become a divorce lawyer to absorb the negative energy of broken relationships.

But his meeting with Fang Duo-Mi, a 32-year-old cosmetics and perfume marketing graduate specializing in the manufacture of pheromone perfumes, turns his world upside down. The exciting dynamic of an immortal falling in love with a human just never gets old. They are beautifully intertwined and complicated romance brings a lot of suspense, suspense and drama to the screen.

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