Big Brother recap: [Spoiler] Kicked Out, Season 24 Finalists Revealed

Our Thursday night tradition comes to an end, Big Brother Fans: With the season 24 finale just days away (Sunday, 8/7c), the CBS series’ Thursday hour served as a the last regular live eviction episode until next summer.

But with only four people left in the house and only one vote cast, there really wasn’t much eviction business to do on Thursday; This is how the hour was finally filled:

* First, as quickly as Monte and Taylor’s showmanship began, it ends — for the most insignificant of reasons, to be frank. During a meeting in the HOH bedroom, Monte initially becomes annoyed with Taylor when she makes a flippant remark about his goddaughter, realizing that Monte didn’t actually watched her grow up last year because he was in Big Brother house for the last three months.

Then, when all four houseguests are later in Taylor’s room, Monte falls asleep with Taylor’s headphones on; in an effort to show Brittany (and maybe Turner) that she doesn’t get it to cozy with Monte and sharing all their belongings with him, Taylor takes the headphones off his ears and accidentally bumps into his glasses, waking him up in the process. Now Monte is even more annoyed and leaves the room.

After a conversation between Monte and Turner about the Taylor situation (where Monte essentially reduces his recent romance with her to a physical attraction, to which he eventually responded), Monte visits the HOH bathroom where Taylor is in the tub, and seeks an excuse for her goddaughter to comment and grab the headphones. Taylor is instantly remorseful for both things, but Monte seems unhappy with that and instead decides to lecture her about her personality. “That’s not a person I want to hang out with anymore because I have a very low tolerance for disrespect,” Monte tells her. “It’s so off-putting sometimes.” He even echoes hurtful comments Daniel made about her back earlier in the season, noting that Taylor “rubs some people the wrong way.” I think she gets it, my mate. You can pack it!

Big Brother 24 Summary Monte TaylorMonte and Taylor agree to get some distance from each other, and after he leaves, Taylor remarks, “We’re back to the ‘Taylor is an insensitive bitch’ narrative.” Meanwhile, in the Diary Room, she notes how offensive it was citing Monte Daniel’s language about her from earlier this season, adding that she might have to let “cold Taylor” out to win that grand prize.

* We catch up at the jury house where, to varying degrees of surprise, Terrance, Michael and Alyssa join the group. And on this week’s Protect Joseph At All Costs, the poor chap is clearly devastated to learn from Alyssa that Monte and Taylor have been spending a lot of time together over the past week. The look on his face! The gloomy “I guess that’s her business or whatever” talking head! Will he ever find peace in this jury house?

* Feeling revitalized after the video messages from home, Brittany makes one last request to Monte, reminding him that he and Turner are evens at the moment and Monte could very well lose to Turner if they sit in these final chairs together. Meanwhile, Brittany realizes that she’s not particularly good at physical competitions, which would give Monte an even greater advantage in the final challenges of running the household.

Unfortunately, despite this well-crafted pitch (and another compelling argument in her pre-eviction speech) Brittany is actually driven out by Monte. She tells Julie that Turner is better for Monte’s game at this point – right? What if the rest of the gameplay is all about winning competitions? — and notes that she’d love to have a “beautiful friendship” with Michael after the game, assuming she can get some clarification on what happened during the double eviction.

* Julie has 20 minutes left to chat with last season’s Cookout Alliance about this summer’s gameplay. The highlights: 1) Hannah doesn’t think the sense of alliance unity in The Cookout can ever be repeated in future seasons; 2) Tiffany comments on the Kyle situation from a few weeks ago and berates Terrance for wanting to keep Kyle in the house despite his racist comments; and 3) at least Derek, Kyland and Xavier currently view the game as Taylor’s defeat. (But if you want to hear Tiffany, Hannah, and Azah’s opinions on the matter, you have to find them on…Julie’s Instagram!)

With that, I hand it over to you. Do you agree with Monte’s decision to expel Brittany? Tell us below! Big Brother recap: [Spoiler] Kicked Out, Season 24 Finalists Revealed

Lindsay Lowe

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