Blood and Treasure Recap: Season 2 Finale – Season 3 Extension?

The Khan was on … a Rampagehow Blood & Treasure Season 2 ended this Sunday on Paramount+. Was the season finale “very satisfying” as promised? And what’s the latest word on a possible Season 3?

In the finale, Danny, Lexi, Chuck and Shaw work to convince the Hong Kong PD Superintendent that the arrested man is actually Simon Hardwick Not the Great Khan, and that the real villain is still out there about to storm the building / grab the banner. Oh, and She has an underground nuclear bomb ready to detonate/kill millions! The superintendent decided to play it safe and not let this quartet of “westerners” endanger themselves, so he locked them in the basement.

Blood Treasure FinaleLuckily, Danny spotted a boarded up staircase and the four ran off just as Violet and her thugs infiltrated the PD and started shooting/fwip!Ping cops willy-nilly dead after throwing town into blackout. But when Violet got to the vault with the banner, the time had come path – pinched by a malicious Simon.

Simon eventually returned the banner to Violet as he scurried off to co-opt her escape plan. Danny and Lexi went after Violet while Shaw and Chuck (sort of!) went to take care of the atomic bomb. But when Shaw was apprehended by a gang of bad guys, he sent Chuck ahead to do his best with the bomb. Chuck was understandably handicapped when he found the device, but he apparently had just enough cell signal to pick up a link to a “How To” video broadcast by Shaw – although at the worst moment it paused/started buffering!

Danny and Lexi chased Violet to the rooftop helipad where she had hoped to be flown to freedom, but Simon bribed/utilized her pilot first. A two-on-one hand-to-hand combat ensued, with Violet trading punches with both Danny and Lexi, all while the nuk detonator was being tossed around. Violet eventually got the better of Danny and put several bullets into him. As he slumped to the ground, Violet held Lexi and punched her former friend. But the wounded Danny caught Violet’s attention by swerving around the detonator, distracting her long enough for Lexi to sneak up behind her and gut her from behind with the pointed end of the Ghost Banner. The battered Lexi then ran to Danny’s side, where she suggested that their mixed blood could be considered a form of marriage, and they exchanged “Yes, I do.”

Blood Treasure FinaleIn a “Happily Ever After”-esque epilogue… We saw Danny successfully petition a judge to pardon all of “Shaw” aka Dwayne Coleman’s past illegal actions, leading to a joyful reunion between Dwayne and his family. Danny, Lexi and Chuck were then stopped by a Reece family attorney who brought 1) a copy of Kate’s CIA Memorial Wall Star for Chuck and 2) a stunning trust Jacob had left in Danny. (Member of Vatican Intelligence?) Chuck then revealed that although the banner had been reclaimed, $10 million of the stolen money was “inside it”. When we see a nearly shaved Simon drive to a bank in Costa Rica to deposit a bag full of cash. When asked what he does for a living, Simon says, “I find things,” as we realize he’s holding a card to…something.

Will fans ever find out what Simon’s up to next and where it will take ‘newlyweds’ Danny and Lexi?

Ahead of the long-delayed, CBS-pushed second season, series co-creator Matthew Federman told TVLine, “With Blood & Treasure we have a ‘never say never’ and ‘never say die’ sort of thing. [attitude]. It’s like, who knows? If the numbers are really good, we could always get the band back together. We have a lot of stories to tell in this world.” And although male lead Matt Barr now stars in new CW drama Walker Independence, “It’s the same corporate umbrella, so I think it could work .”

More recently, on the day of the release of the second season finale, Federman told fans via Twitter: “I don’t know what the future holds But I’m very proud of what we’ve done with this show, filming our little action/adventure across four continents and through a pandemic. Thank you to our partners at CBS for trusting us to make it happen and to our amazing writers, cast, crew and staff. It was pretty much the adventure of a lifetime. And thanks to everyone who watched and spread the word.” Blood and Treasure Recap: Season 2 Finale – Season 3 Extension?

Lindsay Lowe

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