Born Again Clues Keeping Netflix Canon

Avatar: The Way of Water

Image via 20th Century Studios

The April Fools’ Day Joke is a minefield for anyone trying to keep up with the latest entertainment news as the internet is filled with factually dodgy stories every April 1st. So if you just heard that Henry Cavill has been cast as the MCU’s Captain Britain or for which Robert Downey Jr. is coming back Iron Man 4, you should check your sources. However, we can promise you that the following latest updates from the Wonder Multiverse aren’t a prank, although rehiring definitely seems like a joke at James Cameron’s expense…

Avatar: The Way of Water Getting hate now that it’s streaming doesn’t bode well Fantastic Four pinch a key player

Image via Marvel Comics

James Cameron loves nothing more than ripping the MCU up close, but in a shocking motion, one of his trusted associates hops over to the other side. Screenwriter Josh Friedman jumps aboard Matt Shakman’s Fantastic Four to rewrite the screenplay, quickly continued after his work Avatar: The Way of Water. Unfortunately, while hiring someone who worked on the third biggest film of all time should be a huge asset, public opinion seems to be turning against it avatar Sequel after its VOD debut and more cynical people wonder if Marvel made the right choice here, arguing that the story of The way of the water wasn’t his forte. Welcome to the MCU, Mr. Friedman. Yes, that’s always the case.

daredevil Fans desperate for confirmation reborn A reboot won’t have to settle for the flimsiest of evidence

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in
Image via Marvel Television

Ironically for lovers of the man without fear, daredevil Fans are currently living in fear of it reborn will restart the continuity of the original popular Netflix series rather than picking up where it left off. For starters, we know there’s no Karen or Foggy, and Vanessa Fisk has been recast. For those looking for evidence that canon is being maintained with what has come before, some newly emerged set photos from the shoot show that a familiar, if not entirely essential, location from the old show will return reborn. Maybe that tells us Marvel isn’t throwing the baby out with the bathwater after all.

A year later, fans remember the real April Fool’s joke that was disease Post-credits scene

Jared Leto in Morbius
Image via Sony

Sony must have known what they were doing upon release disease April 1st, 2022 of all days, as this most infamous of all the Spider-Verse movies definitely felt like a huge “get caught”! to the audience after handing over their hard-earned cash to watch. Exactly one year later, people are picking up the blood-sucking bomb again – which earned Jared Leto a very well-deserved accolade. In particular, they remember its truly iconic post-credits scene, which we all know marked the triumphant beginning of the true MCU (the Morbin Cinematic Universe). Do not forget, Morbius 2: Mo’Morbin, MO’ problems has just been confirmed for Spring 2024.

An underrated MCU icon doesn’t mind being practically the only one without superpowers, but you don’t need any special skills to know that more Marvel news is coming soon. We’re not kidding. Born Again Clues Keeping Netflix Canon

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