Bridesmaid caught walking the shame in front of her whole family

When it comes to a wedding, love is in the air, and it seems like weddings could be a hotspot for singletons to meet each other. In fact, according to a. 50 percent of 1,000 wedding guests admitted to having had a romantic encounter at the event wedding wire learn.

This can include exchanging numbers, kissing on the dance floor, or in some cases, spending the night together. A March 28 TikTok video has received 6 million views. A bridesmaid was caught on camera by her entire family while walking the shame.

Kendra, 29, from Phoenix, Arizona, tells news week about the embarrassing moment she was caught in her bridesmaid dress 24 hours after the wedding.

Johnnie Olivia on TikTok
Two screenshots from Kendra’s viral video. She laughed when she realized her entire family would catch her walking the shame.

The study states that 15 percent of respondents have gone home with another wedding guest and 16 percent have made out with someone at a wedding.

Kendra, a pharmacy technician, said: “Many don’t know, but I suffer from a terminal illness called FOMO [fear of missing out]. When the wedding venue was ready for all of us to go, a lot of people wanted to keep the night young and go to Destin, [Florida].

“So I got in a truck and rode it, still in my dress,” Kendra explained. “And before you know it, I woke up to my alarm clock in an unknown location and had to go back to the Airbnb to check it out, but I hit snooze.

“So my friends threw all my stuff in my suitcase and packed up and told me to meet them for brunch. And for some reason I thought it was just going to be the wedding party, and it wasn’t.

“Unfortunately, the person with the car key was outside at the table, so what you see in the video is me just before I have to walk past everyone to get the key,” Kendra said.

“I was embarrassed but also got a slow round of applause from my friends. I grabbed the key and went to change and came back pretending nothing happened.”

So far, the video uploaded by Kendra’s friend using the handle @johnnieolivia has more than 412,000 likes.

The top comment alone has 22,400 likes and reads, “It’s not the walk of shame, it’s the step with pride.”

Another commenter wrote, “At least she’s wearing comfortable shoes.”

“This is so classy!!! This happens to more people than you might think after a wedding. She just got caught!!!” posted another TikTok user.

In response to one of the comments, the Account Owner referred to Johnnie Kendra as an “icon.”

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