Brie Larson is aiming for a whole new status in The Marvels as the impact of Loki season 2 on the future of the MCU has already been revealed

We did it, people, Loki Season 2 is officially just a few days away, but some shocking rumored plot details about the future of the MCU could – if you look closely – shed light on how this season will end. Elsewhere, with The wonders A little over a month after its release, it is already being plagued by leaks. Leaks that, in particular, turn our expectations of Brie Larson’s sequel upside down and even make us question which Disney’s own film universe it should even belong to.

The wonders Leaks reveal an unexpected change as Brie Larson joins a very different Disney pantheon

the wonders
Image via Marvel Studios

Spoilers are comingSo guys, be careful before reading further…Leaked pictures of The wonders seem to confirm what we all suspected about the relationship between Carol Danvers and Park Seo-joon’s Prince Yan. Basically, Brie Larson is pretty much a Disney princess now. Well, if you think about it, she always has been. Superpowers like Elsa, Rapunzel and Moana? Check. Mentored by a manipulative villain (Rapunzel again)? Taken away from her home (wow that Rapunzel had a lot of problems)? Check. Check. She even has a cute animal sidekick, except hers – Goose the Flerken – tends to eat more people than flounder. These rumors from The wonders with musical numbers suddenly make more sense…

Avengers: Secret Wars Conspiracy rumors supposedly reveal how Loki Season 2 ends weeks early

Tom Hiddleston in Loki Season 2
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Even if they turn out to be completely wrong, it’s fun to spread rumors Avengers: Secret Wars Because so little is known about the conclusion of the multiverse saga. That doubles when they announce an unexpected crossover with the upcoming Disney Plus series. Loki Season 2. According to the latest information, TVA will be the one to assemble a team of multiversal heroes from old Marvel stars to fight Kang in the film. If you think about it, that’s what it must mean Loki ends with the good guys wresting control of the organization from Kang and using her as a true force for good. The good news is that we can either confirm or deny this rumor in just a few weeks Loki completes its run.

The real world and MCU canon collide as time unexpectedly catches up with the end of the Infinity Saga

Endgame of the Avengers
Image via Marvel Studios

Forget Secret wars for a minute and let’s zoom back in time Avengers: Endgame came out. Remember when the film skipped ahead five years, a time frame that seemed far away? Well, I have bad news for you… The future is now. The Battle of Earth, the final stand of the assembled Avengers against Thanos and his forces, officially takes place in October 2023 in the MCU timeline. So when random strangers show up in your living room and think it’s 2018, or a wizard whisks you away to a muddy CGI landscape to stand next to a talking duck on the battlefield, now you know what’s happening.

A puzzling question about Kang continuity could give Marvel a solution to the ongoing Jonathan Majors mystery, but it doesn’t take a complicated formula to know that more MCU news is coming at any moment, so stay tuned.

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