Buster Murdaugh denies participation in the death of the teenager Stephen Smith

Buster Murdaugh, the surviving son of killer Alex Murdaugh, issued a statement Monday criticizing rumors that he was involved in the death of Stephen Smith, a 19-year-old whose body was found near the family home in 2015.

Buster’s comments published by his lawyer on social media come a few days after it became known that Smith’s body is exhumed by his family for an independent autopsy.

“I tried my best to ignore the malignant rumors about my involvement in the tragic death of Stephen Smith, which will continue to be released in the media, while I mourn my mother and brother about brutal murders. I love her so much and miss her terribly,” the statement said.

“I haven’t commented on so far because I want to live privately while I will be able to deal with my father’s death and detention,” it continues.

“It’s been like this for far too long. These baseless rumors about my involvement in Stephen and his death are false. I unequivocally deny any involvement in his death, my heart goes out to the Smith family.”

Buster’s father Alex, a once prominent lawyer from South Carolina, was convicted at the beginning of this month because he had shot his wife and son in a twisted plot to distract from his financial crimes. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

After the conviction, Smith’s mother started a gofundme to collect money for a new autopsy of her son, whose death was classified as a driver’s flight.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/buster-murdaugh-denies-involvement-in-death-of-teen-stephen-smith Buster Murdaugh denies participation in the death of the teenager Stephen Smith

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