Callisto Protocol is my most anticipated game of 2022

From the spooky places on earth in Resident Evil and Silent Hill to the dark corridors of Sevastopol Station in 2014’s Alien: Isolation, I love survival horror games. A year ago, when I saw the trailer for The Callisto Protocol, my heart skipped a beat. A survival horror game by Glenn Schofield (the brains behind Dead Space) set in a prison where you are one of the inmates? Count me in!

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Then the gameplay trailer dropped and I didn’t know I could scream as loud as I did then, but most of the energy went into seeing Schofield onstage at Summer Game Fest to get back to doing his own thing, in the genre , which he helped redefine Dead Space. When Activision acquired Sledgehammer Games in 2009, the developer was tasked with working on its parent company’s Call of Duty franchise, which sounded like a pathetic abuse of Schofield’s horror talents.


Schofield left his position at Sledgehammer in 2017 after working on Call of Duty: WWII. He founded Striking Distance Studios and is the company’s current CEO. From what’s been revealed so far, The Callisto Protocol is my most anticipated game of 2022, partly because it looks like a new big-budget horror IP that we’re not seeing enough of. It was wonderful to see Schofield thanking the people who helped him make this ambitious game happen.

In The Callisto Protocol you play as Jacob, a prisoner locked in the cold, harsh and terrifying confines of the Black Iron Prison on Callisto, Jupiter’s second largest moon. Judging by the gameplay and trailers, it is appears that the jailer and the company in charge of the jail, the United Jupiter Company, conducted experiments on the prisoners, turning them into horribly mutated and deadly monsters. My best guess is that your mission, aside from surviving, is to escape from prison and get revenge on the warden. What we do know is that there’s a really cool weapon called The Grip that can be used to rip enemies apart and throw them into items like fans and other flesh-snapping devices.

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Also, as expected – and true to Dead Space’s design philosophy – there will be no heads-up display. Your health appears to be displayed on your nape, and ammo is clearly displayed on the back of the weapon, changing color when ammo reaches a certain level of depletion. Shots sound like small explosions of cosmic energy and melee combat looks very gritty.

I can’t wait to explore the prison’s dark corridors and navigate my way through the infirmaries, canteens, ship docks and other atmospheric areas. Also, it looks like there might be other types of enemies than those that mutated for lack of a better term. Rewatch the 2021 cinematic reveal trailer and you’ll see Mech Guardians who seem ready to go toe-to-toe with anything and everything. Having to fight these guys, as well as mutants and possibly fellow prisoners, already has me planning my exit strategy from Black Iron.

One thing is certain: there will be blood, and lots of it. Seeing Jacob have half of his head ripped off and then ground up in the power plant’s gears and turbines in the extended trailer of “Schofield Cut” made my blood-loving heart beat faster and I fanned myself with both excitement and heat Los Angeles heat.

A horror survival game is every bit as good as its kills and this game sure seems to have a lot of them. Danger seems to be lurking and spinning in every corner. If the inmates and guards don’t get you, the prison will, and all possibilities sound painful.

I haven’t been this excited about any Resident Evil game – including the remakes. In fact, I haven’t been this excited about a game like this since the original Dead Space. Callisto Protocol is my most anticipated game of 2022

Lindsay Lowe

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