Car Tech: New Suspension Which Can Generate Power for EVs

Electric vehicles are more than just soundless vehicles that don’t run on fossil fuels – they’re also responsible for countless technological advancements in the automotive industry. One of these is regenerative braking to produce power, and now we have the next best thing – a suspension system that makes power. 

This is the kind of technology that can make the next generation of electric vehicles a lot more efficient and give out even longer mileages. This type of technology has been developed by hotshot startups such as GIG Performance and bigger companies will be sure to adopt it. That being said, let’s take a look at this setup and what it brings to the table.

Regenerative braking

Let’s begin with a bit of background first. We’re all aware of regenerative braking technology which utilizes an EV’s electric motors to stop it instead of regular brakes powered by hydraulics. The system was put into place in order to prevent the energy wastage which results from the friction generated by the brakes. 

Instead, the resulting energy from the change in motion is stored and/or used immediately. The result is that you save quite a bit of energy that would’ve just been converted to heat. This kind of system is also great in an area with start/stop situations. The energy saved is supplied to the car’s battery which increases its autonomy as well. 

There are some limitations of this technology though. For instance, it will lose its effectiveness during very slow traffic. Some researchers also say that it will cause an increased amount of damage to the car’s batteries due to the high flow of amperes during the countless instances of energy recovery. And yes, it isn’t as good as regular disk brakes at stopping the car.

So, how can we get a better system? But more importantly, where can we fix our vehicles and get the right parts. If your business has parts supply chain troubles, then for reliable genuine parts supply check out  

For the former, keep on reading below.

Suspension technology to power EVs

In comes a regenerative power system that is controlled by the vehicle’s suspension. It’s quite simple to understand really – instead of getting power from your brakes, you get it from your suspension. You get a mechanism installed onto your car and its arms hook into the suspension and generate power as you’re going down the road. 

Instead of braking and generating power, your suspension generates the power just from the bumps and blemishes on the road. The concept basically ensures that the resultant energy from the vertical motions of the suspension is not wasted. This type of technology depends upon the vibrations received and the developers, GIG Performance, claim up to twice the energy savings.

Energy savings for semi-trucks

Now, while electric vehicles are all the hype and developing them for the general consumer is every automaker’s goal, this kind of tech can also do wonders for non-EVs. In fact, the company that’s working on it is focused on trucking. They have large and small models and their tech works for EV- and non-EV applications. 

So, the question then arises, why would a semi-truck want this, as it runs off diesel? Well, there are many potential customers who say that they need a source of power to supply their sleeper cab at night. So, instead of running a noisy generator that wakes them up, they can run this during the day, power a battery pack, and then run their microwave, TV, and stuff like that.

Not only will a generator produce noise pollution, but it will also use fossil fuels in order to be powered. This means that it will produce harmful exhaust gases and if you’re unable to find fuel where you’re staying or are unable to carry a fuel supply with you, you won’t have power. This system is sort of like how solar energy is for houses. 

The power generated is a lot as demonstrators have used their hands to make the device work. Therefore, you can imagine the kind of electricity we’ll be able to get if the device is connected to the suspension of a large truck that weighs thousands of pounds with or without its trailer. It is a much better alternative to the regular alternators/generators that we have today. 

The only question that people are raising right now is the reliability of these devices. Because they’ll be working with a fair bit of resistance on the suspension which in turn can lower its overall performance. This machine needs to account for thousands of miles of rough traveling on some of the toughest roads ever.

Huynh Nguyen

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