Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s breakup is sketchy, here’s why

summer house The viewers were amazed when they heard this Carl Radke And Lindsay Hubbard decided to cancel their wedding planned for November 17th. The two began their relationship as roommates, which grew into friends and eventually lovers over the last year. While her Montauk roommates were shocked by the beach suggestion, Lindsay, who wore a dress with shoulder pads, clearly knew the question was coming.

What fans thought would be a turbulent romance has now sunk like the Titanic. The breakup wasn’t clean, and several rumors surfaced about what really happened between the two Bravo stars.

Theory 1: Carl cheated on Lindsay

Carl Radke/Instagram

It’s said on the street Carl has Lindsay is said to have been unfaithful. The blonde was reportedly caught off guard by the whole affair. There weren’t many details about the mysterious woman. Still, it’s pretty obvious that she would have to be an ordinary woman and not a Bravo personality, as such a secret would have been revealed in no time by an excited member of the Glamor Squad. It doesn’t help that there was also gossip in the rumor mill about a pregnancy scare.

The truth is that the pregnancy scare wasn’t with his fiancée Lindsay, but with the women he allegedly cheated with. All we can imagine is that the woman may have led Carl to believe that she was actually pregnant, forcing him to confess to Lindsay and ultimately ending their engagement. Carl is clearly in his “Who’s going to check on me, Boo?” era.

Theory 2: Carl made a deal

Carl Radke/Instagram

Only the Bravo producers knew that Carl was I’m going to cancel the wedding and have friends and family pay for the hotel. A source told Us weekly“The deadline to cancel their room and receive a refund has passed, leaving many guests to cover the costs.” It’s hard to decide when to tell the woman you’re marrying that she’s not up the aisle goes along. However, what could be even worse is that there are rumors that Carl had a partnership with the hotel in question.

This would mean that he would have to pay the hotel costs if he had informed the guests of the separation earlier. The couple had decided to have a wedding in Mexico, but the hotel was still unknown. Carl is a professional salesman, so it’s not too far-fetched that in exchange for promoting the resort, he financed a way to have his wedding at a lower cost.

After cross-checking Beach vows And AtelierAs According to websites, it looks like the two wedding planning companies are working with the same three hotels: Hard Rock Rivera MayaGrand Velas Cabo and Hard Rock Vallarta.

After taking another look at Carl’s Instagram, where he posted a photo of himself on the hotel’s bridge enjoying the sun, one can come to the conclusion that he and Lindsay tied the knot at the Hard Rock Rivera Maya wanted to put down because there is also a suitable wooden bridge there. Carl may have burned a few bridges with the breakup, but that lone wooden arch just sold him out.

Theory 3: Carl checked out

Zack Peter/YouTube

A source told Us weekly that Carl wasn’t emotionally invested in his relationship with Lindsay for a while. Even if Carl wasn’t to be unfaithfulit appears he checked out emotionally long before the engagement was called off.

Sometimes love runs its course, and perhaps Carl was more concerned with the idea of ​​his relationship with Lindsay than his actual love for her. It could be that Carl has lost his romantic feelings for Lindsay but hasn’t worked up the courage to call it quits yet.

Theory 4: Carl’s mother stepped in

Carl Radke/Instagram

There were rumors about it too Carl’s mother stepped in to prevent her son from making a big mistake by marrying Lindsay. The son and his mother have always had a very close relationship, but it seemed like Sharon Radke was embracing Lindsay.

However, we don’t yet know if Mama Radke had a heart-to-heart with Carl, but knowing his journey to sobriety and how much she loves him, it could be that she did just that.

Tell us: What do you think happened to Lindsay and Carl?

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