Caroline Manzo says she didn’t call the FBI about Teresa Giudice but knows who did

Caroline Manzo said she would never appear on Real Housewives again. But that doesn’t mean she won’t keep talking about it. Caroline retired from the franchise after the Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip fiasco starring Brandi Glanville.

But the Real Housewives of New Jersey graduate wants to settle scores from the past. A rumor that has haunted her ever since she left the series. Teresa Giudice She blames whoever she is currently mad at for her extended jail break. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, liability rests with the person who dropped the dime. Caroline was accused of dropping the dime in question. Now she says she knows who the law-abiding citizen is Really Is. Caroline appeared in an episode of Page Six’s Virtual Reali Tea Podcast to explain.

Never scold your friends and always keep your mouth shut

Caroline clears up the allegations she made to Tre police in 2013. But she left only a carrot. “I know who it was,” Caroline admits. “PS, I was there,” she added. Damn who was that? Santa Claus? The Hamburglar? Has anyone seen season 1?

Ma’am, what is this? Why make a vague statement without following it up? That’s not helpful, that’s annoying. Caroline’s daughter Lauren Manzo was also in attendance and interjected, “But we’ll never say who did it.” Well, hooray for you. Now I’m doubly irritated.

Saint Caroline said she saw the signs on the wall but “got noticed” because “I don’t.” [a rat].” And with that, Caroline and Lauren began scanning the skies for dangerous helicopters following them.

“It’s not even about being a rat. There’s something called collateral damage. So if you say something, who’s gonna hurt? Who will be harmed by speaking this truth?” Would it harm a member of Caroline’s family who is married to her brother?

“You can believe in me whatever you want. I know I never did – I could never do that. But if you feel better blaming me, then that’s your reality. It won’t change my day,” Caroline shared.

Caroline said it was “hurting” to perform the martyrdom as she claimed responsibility for the call. “I have my baby, I have my children, we are all healthy. I have a healthy marriage…I don’t give a damn what you think of me because the facts remain the same.”

Welp, Caroline told us a lot of nothing. At least we know she didn’t betray Teresa and Joe Giudice? If she feels the remorse of a non-traitor, she could well get another chance with Teresa and Luis Ruelas.

Real Housewives of New Jersey continues Tuesdays at 9/8 p.m.

TELL US – WHY do you think Caroline made a statement about nothing? WHO do you think screwed TERESA AND JOE?

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