Cedric the Entertainer from The Neighborhood, Max Greenfield Talk 100 episodes

How do the stars of the neighborhood Fancy 100 episodes?

“Well, we came together as a free agency and said, ‘Let’s get 200,'” Max Greenfield tells TVLine. “We already had the hundred thing behind us. We were both free agents, like Kyrie [Irving] And [Kevin] Durant,” who teamed up with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets before being traded to various teams this year, “but this is going to end better.” And his will end betterwhen Cedric the entertainer has something to say.

“I’m not going to Dallas,” he says dryly.

Ahead of the CBS sitcom’s milestone (airing Monday at 8/7c), TVLine hopped on Zoom with the series’ central odd couple to celebrate the momentous occasion – which includes a crossover with CBS The conversation and was directed by Cedric – and to commemorate the first 99 episodes.

In our wide-ranging Q&A, Cedric and Greenfield reflect on the original, unaired pilot (which was filmed with a different Dave and Gemma!), their first impressions of each other, and their favorite Calvin and Dave stories. They also give flowers to TV wives Tichina Arnold and Beth Behrs, while Greenfield reminisces on a particularly challenging episode in Season 1 — an episode that would ultimately cement Dave and Gemma’s relationship.

And because we love good stunt casting at TVLine, we couldn’t let this dynamic duo go without asking what it takes to get Cedric’s good pal (and former co-star) Steve Harvey or any of the others new girl roommate, on the show. As it turns out, there was a legitimate attempt to get Harvey on the 100th episode, but it was a logistical nightmare. As for that new girl Gang, Greenfield cracks that one of his former castmates texted him down — but not JakeJohnson. However, Johnson’s performance could also prove difficult, for reasons we’ll reveal to Greenfield in the video above.

the neighborhood — which has already been picked up for Season 6 — will air Monday nights at 8 p.m. Scroll up to see our interview with the stars, then leave a comment below.

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