Celebrate law enforcement during National Police Week May 14-20

National Police Week is an excellent time for you to work with your friends, family and community to show police officers that you value their service and sacrifice.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy declared that May 15 would be Peace Officer Memorial Day and the week it fell would be celebrated as National Police Week.

Various events honoring living and fallen police officers and their families have been held this week for decades.

National Police Week is an opportunity to show police officers we have their backs

Read on below to find out how best to show law enforcement that you value their service during National Police Week.

  1. Write a letter
  2. Donate
  3. Organize a potluck

1. Write a letter

An easy way to show police officers that you appreciate the time, service, and sacrifice they put into their job is to write them a thank you note.

You can address the letter to an individual officer you may know, or to an entire station. It is recommended that you contact the police in your area.

In this way the letter has a more personal effect as it comes from a citizen of the community.

Police officers stand together on the street

Consider showing your appreciation for your local police department by writing officers a thank you letter or making a financial donation. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Also, consider delivering the thank you card in person to your local police station. This allows officers to see the face of the person showing their appreciation during National Police Week.

You can even add special gifts to your letter or thank you card, such as a gift card to their favorite cafe or restaurant where they can have dinner with friends and family.

You could also consider writing a letter to the families or friends of fallen police officers thanking them for the service their loved ones have received.

This good deed will not only lift the spirits of these family members, but also let them know that service to their fallen loved one is still remembered and appreciated by members of the community.


2. Make a donation

Another way to show local law enforcement that you appreciate their efforts to keep your community safe is by making a donation to the local police department.

You can also work with other community members and friends to raise funds for the guard’s officers to use throughout the year.

Not only will this help the police, but it will send a clear signal to the police that the community they serve supports and values ‚Äč‚Äčthem.

Traffic cop talks to a woman in her car

National Police Week was established by President Kennedy in 1962 to honor those who serve in law enforcement across the country. (South_agency via Getty Images)

In addition, you should consider raising funds for the families of recently deceased police officers to help pay for funerals and other expenses.

Since the United States became a functioning country, over 20,000 law enforcement officers have lost their lives serving their local communities.


3. Organize a potluck

Work with friends and family to organize a potluck for your police department during National Police Week.

Or you and other volunteers can prepare a meal for all officers during their lunch break.

Each volunteer can cook or bring something different, e.g. B. Plates, utensils, desserts or appetizers. This collaborative effort is an excellent way to show police officers that their service is important to their community.

Policeman speaks into a radio

National Police Week takes place every year. (Reuters/Andrew Kelly)

If you can’t organize a full potluck, you might be able to get a deli sandwich or cookie tray and hand it in to your local police station.

Whichever route you choose, officers will appreciate your efforts.

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